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Michelle P.O.V.

I was driving down the high way, with the biggest smile on my fave ever! I bet, she ain't gone see her again!

" I hungry! " Haizel said.

"What do you want honey? "

"Mac & Cheese! " She said.

"McDonalds? "

She clapped her hands, and nodded.




I got her McDonalds and went home.

I packed Hailey stuff, my stuff, and if your wondering, Tyga and I broken up like 2 months ago. Yea, so after I packed that all three of us went to the airport.

We got on a plane, if your wondering we are moving to Toledo, Ohio! Never been there before..

But this plan is working and I got whats mine! I got Haizel Aria Alsina! She is so precious and I've always wanted a baby by August lowkey, no one never knew though! But, I finally got baby, later she will be calling me mommy!!




Neveah P.O.V.

I just want to know who did this! Like I'm so fucking mad, like who would just come in and take my child!! This seems too suspicious, like who would do this! I have to get to the bottom of his like fast, because this shit is so fucking confusing!

"Babe relax. " August said.

"How am I supposed to relax when my child was taken form us! "

"OUR child, and I'm staying calm, I'm mad as shit, but I'm not showing my anger. "

This nigga dumb!

I shook my head, then I had got up.

I was halfway out the door until he wants to pull me back.

"Look soon it's gone be me, you, Haizel and the baby in your stomach. "

He looked me in my eyes.

"Okay? " He asked.

I nodded.

He picked me up, and put me on the bed.

"Look babe, get some rest, I will try to go find Haizel. "

I just nodded.

He left.

I want to know, who fucking did this!! Let me call Michelle, to see if she seen my child.

Phone Convo:

"Hello? " She said.

"Hey, umm...have you seen Haizel?? "

"Haizel? " She asked.

"Yes. "

"Omg, no what happened? " She asked.

"Someone kidnapped her. "

"Omg!, no I haven't seen her, I don't even live in Atlanta anymore. " She said.

"What? "

"Yes, moved from there last month. " She said.

"Where are you? "

Then all of a sudden I hear "mwommy!! "

I could've sworn that was Haizel voice, it can't be Hailey's voice because her voice is high pitched.

"Look I got to go! " She said.

Then she hung up.

I don't know if that was Haizel or not, I don't know! I'm just hearing things, I need rest.




August P.O.V.

I just want to know who the bitch ass nigga did this!! My first fucking child, she was my everything! I can't wait until I find her, and kill the person who did this, don't fucking mess wit my family and that's for fact! I'm just a young nigga tryna take care of my family, and I ain't got time for this bullshit!




Haizel P.O.V.

I just want my mwommy!!

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