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How do you capture a feeling?

Can you keep it in a bottle?

Can you tuck it between second hands?

Can you shove it under fingernails?

Tumble it through a drier and hope

it's waiting for you when you get home?

Can you leave it next to coins and

gum wrappers at the bottom of a purse?

Fold it between pages of books or

under welcome mats?

How do I capture the feeling of a

mid-September afternoon or

raindrops on swollen lips?

the buzz under street lights?

the silent moment before falling asleep?

a trickle of honey that falls from a chin?

warmth of skin after a hot shower?

fingers weaving through a dog's coat?

the smell of bread baking?

sun on closed eyelids?

waves smacking ankles?

a good book devoured in hours?

the first sprout of spring?

How do I capture this feeling

that I am finally getting better?

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