Part 5 : Kate's Place

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Kate journeyed to her apartment with Cray following behind...

Kate didn't bother using the train this time because the train station was closed and there wasn't any tickets for humans just yet and instead walked a shorter route only a couple of blocks away from her home.

5 minutes later...

Kate and Cray walked up to a tall building which was towered one by one with flats and apartments. They both looked up until they could see the top of it.

"Well, this is were I live..." said Kate sounding quite proud of herself.

"You sure have a tall house" Cray stood intimidated as he still stared at the top of the building.

"It's an apartment, silly" Kate giggled "follow me... I'll show you to it".

Kate then entered the apartment building with Cray following her.

Kate saw the stairs and was about to start going up them but she was interrupted by Cray who wanted to ask her a question.

"Kate, one question..." said Cray as he raised his hand up.

"Yes umm... Cray" Kate struggled to remember the human's name "what do you want?"

"What level is your apartment?" Said Cray.

"Level 50..." said Kate "Why?".

"No reason, just wanted to know how many flights of stairs I'll need to go up" said Cray.

"Ok... make sure you don't get tired or else you'll fall back down" Kate teased as she continued to walk up the stairs.

"I won't" said Cray as he looked up at Kate when she went up the stairs.

As Cray looked up again. He realised that there were a lot of stairs spiralled around like a square.

Cray gulped as he walked up the stairs...

"C'mon" Cray said to himself "it's just stairs".


1 minute later...

Kate finally reached level 50, up to where her apartment was.

Surprisingly there wasn't a bit of sweat on her let alone any evidence of being exhausted...

Kate stretched a bit as she reached her apartment at level 50...

Curiously she wondered if Cray was still climbing the stairs and looked behind her down the stairs.

Kate noticed Cray crawling up the stairs behind her with sweat on his face, climbing each single stair with his arms whilst his body dragged behind him.

"Oh god... so many stairs" Cray panted as his legs gave up and his arms were joining them too.

As Cray finally got to level 50, he rolled on his back and breathed heavily like a fish out of the water. His eyes blood shot and exhausted...

"Are you ok?" Kate asked quite concerned.

"Yeah" Cray panted "I'm ok, just not used to climbing 50 flights of stairs...".

Cray realised Kate was completely fine...

"How come you're not exhausted?" Cray asked still panting but more slower now.

"I dunno? maybe It's because I don't have bones" Kate guessed.

"Then how can you stand?" Asked Cray.

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