Chapter45: Isolation Amongst Other Things

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"Let's take the time to really ponder over what we have accomplished today Jade."

"Yes Sir."

Both Jade and Ethan remained silent as they started out of the window, but Jade couldn't help but glance at her boss uneasily. She was always going to be faithful to her boss because like the others, he had given her purpose but sometime, his evilness scared her a little. She hoped with all of her heart that he wasn't in all over his head.


Chelsea was strapped on to the bed in the med bay uncontrollable tears were flowing down her cheeks. She had no idea what Skyler had seen but she was sure that she had seen wrong. General Williams, Shiloh and Ben had gone to the office to discuss what had to be done with her. Skyler on the hand had insisted to stay in the med bay with Melanie and Chris to watch over her.

"Whatever you saw Skyler it's a lie," Chelsea told her hotly, the taste of her tears was very salty.

"When I touched your hands I saw your whole life Chelsea till the day we met. You had a rough childhood with your parents. They were never there, you were raised by your nanny and I guess that caused all the bitterness, but I also saw you making a deal with the masked man. The same masked man we saw on t.v."

"That's impossible, I haven't spoken to Ethan since he left. I'm not the mole Skyler, someone else is, please believe me!"

"Then how do you explain what I saw?"

"I have no explanation to that but I'm innocent. I would never do anything to betray anyone here, never!"

"Chelsea you need to calm down remember your still recovering," Melanie told her with a kind voice.

"Mel tell her! Chris tell her! I'm not capable of betraying this organization! I lost people I loved like family! Why would I want to hurt them! Skyler you..." Having heard enough, Chris injected Chelsea with a sedative and she fell asleep within seconds.

"Chris!" Melanie exclaimed in shock.

"She needs the rest and besides I need time to think about all of this. You two watch over her." With that Chris left the med bay with a forlorn expression.

"He is hurting a lot," Melanie explained. "We all trusted Chelsea but now... Are you sure? You saw her making a deal with Ethan?"

"Yes. It was pretty clear... The memory was a bit faded, but I guess she was trying to mask it, since she has that power."

"Maybe, but you know what, I'm still gonna analyze her blood."

"Why? You don't believe me?"

"Of course I do Skyler. I know that you can see things, so of course I do but I've known Chelsea for a long time and something tells me I should do this."

"Your gut?"

"Exactly," Melanie replied as she proceed to take out some of Chelsea's blood. "It should take a four hours or so."

"You always seem to see the best in people don't you?" Skyler asked.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well for some reason you haven't given up on me and you've practically the only whose treated me with respect and kindness. You even gave me these mega cool gloves."

"Well that's what friends do Skyler. Yes we get mad at each other but at the end of the day there is always forgiveness. Besides, I put myself in your shoes and I realized I would've most likely done the same thing you did."


"Yeah and now I'm putting myself in Chelsea's shoes. She's been through a lot as you saw but during all the time that I've known her she has never done anything to hurt anyone, well not purposely. She doesn't have an evil bone in her. Trust me."

"So what happens if the results are negative?" Skyler asked thoughtfully.

"Then honestly I don't know, but at least we'll know that Chelsea is innocent and that there was someone else when the four of you were together." Just then General Williams came back to the lab with Ben.

"Where's Shiloh?" Skyler asked.

"Completing the report of tonight's events. We have come to a decision."

"What is it?" Skyler asked immediately.

"Chelsea will be sent to our Isolation unit effective immediately. There she will have to answer to her crimes."

"General don't you think..."

"It is what they want Melanie and this time we will obey. Why is she asleep?"

"Chris sedated her," Melanie replied helplessly.

"Hmm... That's for the better. You two may leave, you know the protocols when someone is sent there."

"Euh actually I don't," Skyler said.

"Melanie will explain. Now GET OUT!" General Williams watched as Melanie and Skyler left. "You to Ben, I need a moment alone with Chelsea please." Ben nodded and left the room.

"My dear girl, of only they knew where you are really going. It'll be good for them to think you are in Isolation but I'm just sorry I won't be there with you when you realize where you are. Why Chelsea? Why would you do this to us, to your people to me? They will know how to discipline you. I'm just sad that we will never see you again," General Williams almost whispered to Chelsea. "I will miss you."

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