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Jordan's point of view

I shuffle into school.

I'm tired. Tired from all the crying. Ever since I ran away from Olivia I've been crying. I talked to mom, like we always do when something is wrong with one of us. She's kinda my best friend. We always tell each other everything. Everything.

Everything except that I like someone. Not just someone but Olivia. My mom's best friend's daughter. Which I don't think she will be mad about. I mean i hope so. I'm just worried about what Olivia will think of me. After I tell her that I'm intersex.

I mean I'm already worried about that but I don't even now if Olivia is gay or not. Actually, I don't know if someone's gay in our friend group. I could ask, but isn't that weird?

I open my locker and take some books out of it.

"Hey Jordan!"Alisa smile brightly.

"Uh hi"I mumble and scratch the back of my neck. "Uh have you seen Olivia. I need to talk to her"I ask and close my backpack.

"Yeah she is by the bleachers I thought. Is everything okay between you two?"she asks and types something on her phone.

"I don't know. I just need to talk to her, I guess"I say. "So Uh I'm going to look for her".

"Yeah. I need to go too"she says and walks away.

I walk towards the football field. In the middle of the bleachers sits Olivia with another girl. They're talking. Now I think about it. I don't think I want to talk to her. Right before I can turn around and walk away, Olivia sees me and waves to me "Hey Jordan!"

I sigh and walk towards the two girls. "Hey"I say and sit down in front of them. The unknown girl waves shyly yet excitedly. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She's tan and kinda small.

"Jordan this is Emily. Camila Cabello's daughter. Emily this is Jordan, Jordan Jauregui"Emily introduces us to each other.

"Holy shit. You're Lauren jauregui's daughter? So cool I finally meet you"Emily shouts and hugs me.

I look over to Olivia who's trying not to laugh. I roll my eyes at her. The smaller girl lets me go.

"Uh I need to talk to you"I say to Olivia. She shakes her head.

"You can tell me when you're ready. You don't have to rush. I understand. As long as you tell me some day"she says and smiles.

I nod "Okay".

"Well Emily and her mom are coming too tonight"Olivia smiles excitedly.

"Really?"I ask. Mom didn't tell me. Normally, she tells me who's coming. So if there's someone I don't want to see or I don't know, I don't go with her.

"Yes. But don't tell your mom. It's a surprise for her"Emily says.

Well that explains it.

The bell goes. I sigh and stand up. "I'll see you guys later" i mumble before I walk away.


"Hey freak. How you doin'?"I hear a boy say. I look to the side and see a boy from my class. Jack. The one who bullies me the most.

"Aren't you going to answer me? Freak. Hey I'm talking to you"he says and I clench me fists.

"I know. I heard you. I just decided to ignore you"I say and walk away from him. Someone pulls me back and turns me around by my shoulder roughly.

"Don't be so rude freak"he smirks. I roll my eyes and try to walk away. "That's what you are. Isn't it true? You're a freak. I thought you would at least be hot, since your mother is so hot. Ooh you have no idea how badly I want to fuck that ass"he says and thrust his hips playfully.

Before I new it my fist makes contact with his ugly face. I hit him again and again until someone pulls me of off him. "Let me go" I shout angrily, tears in my eyes from the anger and frustration.

"Jordan calm down"I hear my math teacher say. I blink a couple times and look around. Students have gathered around us. "What's going on here?"the teacher asks.

"I don't know I was walking here and she attacked me out of nowhere"jack says as one of his friends helps him get up.

"That's not true. He was saying things about me and my mom. He's been acting like a dick since I came here"I say and pull myself out of the grasp of the teacher.

"Jack is that true?"the teacher asks and sighs.

"No that's not true she's lying. She's just jealous of me"jack says.

"Ha. Nobody's jealous of your stupid gay ass. You piece of shit"I say, angry with the fact that the teacher doesn't even do something towards him.

"You bitch"he says and punch me in the face. I want to take a step backwards but trip over my shoelace. I fall into my back on the ground. Jack jumps upon me and hits me several time.

I kick him in the balls and then the teacher decides to come between us. Are you kidding me? He's fucking watching when jack attacks me.

"To the principal. Both of you"he says and grabs me by my cap of my hoodie.

I couldn't do anything because the teacher pushes me in a room.

"Sit down"the principal says. I roll my eyes and drop in a chair.

"What's going on?"he asks and rubs his forehead.

"These two decided it was a good idea to start a fight in the hallway"the teacher says.

"Okay well you can leave. I will handle this"the principal says and waves the teacher away.

"Now tell me what happened".

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