Chapter 4

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silence has retreated
since the moment you stepped
on the ground of my conscience
now i hear sounds of your voice
playing with the strings of my heart
wrecking my defensive lines

I entered my room and turned the lights on. Everything in the room is just same and perfect, except the bedsheets from the last time, my mother have probably changed them. I arranged my clothes in the closet, took my bag of toiletries and rushed to the bathroom for a shower.

I stood under the warm water as it washed my skin down, easing my sore muscles. My shoulder feels much better now. Today has been a completely exhausting day, well not exhausting actually, cause I met a stranger who gave me creeps a moment and then turned out to be an adorable human the other moment. I recalled everything in my head and found myself smiling.
I turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I took another towel to dry up my hairs and walked out of the shower. I changed into my pjs and took my diary and begin writing down about today's events, about him.

I closed my diary, set my alarm and switched off the lights. I lie down on my bed, lifting up the blankets. I tried to sleep but end up tossing and turning around, thinking about him, playing the flashback again and again, rewind on rewind.

Zayn, Zayn Malik

That was his name, Zayn, his voice dances in my head and I reminisce our moment when he was so close to me. His breath was brushing my chin and neck and his black eyes were staring into mine and mine into his.
That was my first time being so close to someone, being just inches apart. My heart beat fastens and I feel a familiar rush on my cheeks. I am definitely sure that I would be blushing right now.

I lost my breath the moment I saw him, I was completely freaked out the stance he behaved rudely and I melted the moment I saw him sleeping peacefully on my shoulder.

Oh this guy, he had given me a myriad of emotions from the second I laid my eyes on him. I wish if the short conversation we had, went on a little longer, if we would have exchanged numbers like our names. It was my first and the last time meeting him amd I would never see him again. Soon the time will pass, and his face would fade away from my mind. We won't ever cross paths again.

I wonder if right now, he's lying on his bed and is thinking about me the same way I am thinking about him. But why would he desire you, are you even worthy? My subconscious snaps at me.

Yeah, why would he even dream about me, I am just a fucking nerd in everyone's eye and he would have thought of me the same way.

The reality of things is more horrible than my snuggly dreams. And I had always lived in the realms of dreams and fantasies, eluding away from the reality. That's why I had always been on the side from where my fantasies and dreams begun, because it hurts less than knowing the terrible reality.

My thoughts about him ceased as soon as the reality hit me, knowing that the one I began desiring might have already forgotten me. I close my eyes shut and soon drifted off to sleep.

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