(37) Icewing, The Crystal Cloak

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              Several days passed somewhat slowly, the grueling hours were spent hiking northeast, towards the Kingdom of Fedarl. Until sunset, we set up camp and slept soundly in our tents, taking watches, Almar taking the first, me the second, and Aria the third, then once we awoke we had a small meal of bread, water, and some soup Almar whipped up. That was it, before we continued hiking once more, for several hours before stopping to rest and eat.

    I gave a triumphant grin as I stared from the cliff we stood at the lands before us. Sornia, the Land of Knights. King Arthur was a good friend of my father, although I never seen him in person I had heard great things about him. He had also heard great rumors of Sornia, where elite soldiers aimed to become renowned knights, with the oath of justice in their blades, and the goal to protect all others, plus they wore really cool armor.  

  The smell of fresh, baked sweets, and soft, delectable pastries drifted to my nose. My mouth began to water, and besides me I could tell Almar and Aria were under the same hypnotized trance.


  I grinned and took a purple pouch from my waist and jangled it merrily. Taking in the delight as the golden and silver coins jingled in response, “Well? What are we waiting for? We didn’t bring coins for nothing! Besides, heh, sometimes being a prince pays off! We get discounts!”

  Almar didn’t look too convinced, but I could tell he was faltering, “D-Don’t procrastinate, Pentus! We came here only to restock and continue with our journey, that’s all!”

 “Where’s your fun, Almar?” Aria laughed and snatched the pouch of coins from my hand, “can’t continue on a journey with an empty stomach! Besides, a lady got to eat when she has to! You and Pentus could stay here and mope all day,  I’m going to the tavern!”


  Before she marched off, I snatched my bag back, and laughed, “I never knew you liked taverns? And come on, Almar! If you come with us, I’ll buy some fresh, mug filled to the brim with nice, warm mead!”

  Almar licked his lips. “Curse you, Pentus! You know a man’s desires! But . . ..I can’t.”

 I frowned, “Why no-”

 I stopped mid-sentence, then it hit me. He couldn’t go because of the murder of the regent he was framed on. There’s got to be a bounty of a thousand coins on his head.


  Aria still looked confused, so I explained it to her.

  Almar sighed, “Forgive me. Gone on without me-”

“Not a chance!” I yelled. There was no way, I was leaving my friends behind ever again! Not . . ..again, not ever. Not like I left Tesulan, and Luran, Farumer, and Hetur. I was helpless, before them as Velgar took them away from me right before my eyes. The feeling of guilt that overtook me. I don’t ever want to feel that again! Not ever!

 Aria snapped her fingers, and brushed her smooth, brown hair out of her blue eyes. “I got it!”

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