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Ethans POV
"Do you have all your bags," my mom says as she steps out of the room with Grayson and hers bags. I just nod as I throw the heavy bag over my shoulder. "Well I think it's time we should go," she says as she grabs all the bags in her hands and open her door. "Where's Grayson," my mom asked as she turned and looked over my shoulder. "I don't know I'll go look in his room," I say as I drop my bag and walk over to Graysons room. I knock on the door lightly as I open it and see Grayson laying on his bed playing with a small string on the stuffed animal from the airport. "We're leaving Grayson," I say as I lightly touch his arm. He continued to stare at the ceiling as if I never said anything to him. I touch his arm again but get no movement from him or any noise. I walk out of his room and down to where my mom is standing looking at her phone. She hears me coming and looks up at me but gives a confused look when she sees that I don't have Grayson. "He's in his room but he won't listen to me. He's just staring the ceiling." My mom sighs as she sticks her phone in her back pocket and says, "I'll be back just hold on." I nod as I lean against the wall and pull out my phone. My mom said that she was taking Grayson back to New Jersey with her, but I couldn't stay away from him. I made up a lie and said that I felt homesick and she believed me. I hear my moms heels click along the hardwood floor and see her come out holding onto Graysons arm. "Did you find out why he wasn't coming out," I ask as she picks up her bags. "No I don't know why he wouldn't come out. He started crying but I think we'll be good for the flight," she says as she opens the door and stands back so I can come out. I shut the door behind me as we walk down the hall and to the elevator.

I open the Uber's trunk as the pile of luggage almost falls out. I grab the bags one by one as I lay them on the ground. "Do you have everything my mom says," as she holds onto Grayson with two hands on his arm as he keeps trying to get away. "Yeah I got it," I say as I get the last bag out and shut the trunk. I pick up all the bags and carry them into the airport. We make it to security as the line stretches for who knows how long. "Well were going to be here awhile," my mom says as she looks at Grayson who is starting to get antsy. I don't say anything as I stretch to get a better view of the line. "Calm down Grayson," I hear my mom say quietly into Graysons ear. "I don't know what is wrong with your brother Ethan," she says as she sees me turn towards her. "I wish I could tell you but I can't," I say to her. She sighs as she says, "Maybe he's stressed but I don't know. I hope he calms down when we get on the plane."

"You are next," a security guard says as we step up and put the bags down. "I need to see the stuffed animal," the man says as points to the one that is tucked under Graysons arm. "I don't know if I'll be able to take that from him," I say. "Well I just need to check it," he says. I sigh as I grab the top of the stuffed animal and tried to pull it out but I can't. Grayson is holding so tight under his arm that there is no way  that I can get it. I pull harder but he just moves his body away from me so I can't reach it. "Grayson let me have the animal," I whisper lightly to him as I tug a little harder. The only thing I get from him is a whine as he completely turns away from me and leans into my mom. I hear the sighs of people that are behind us waiting to get checked as well. "There is nothing inside of the stuffed animal," I say the security guard who was watching the whole thing. "I can't believe you on that sir. I need to actually make sure there is nothing inside that animal. I'm sorry," he says. I just turn and look to my mom who hasn't said a while word in this whole thing. I look back at the security guard and was about to say something but was cut off by my mom. "I'm sorry but my son has autism and he's very close with this animal. He won't let go of it but we are telling the truth that there is nothing inside of the animal," my mom says as she is still holding onto Grayson. The security guard says, "Just step aside and we'll figure this but other people would like to go." I don't protest and grab all the bags that weren't checked and moved off to the side. I watch as he calls someone to come down and when he is done he says, "I called someone to come down here." Me and my mom just nod as we stand and wait for the person to come.

I grab onto Graysons arm as he tries to get away from me again as we get onto the plane. "Stop," I say to Grayson as we come up to our seat and I put him on the inside. I sit down and lay the small bag between my legs and open it up. "Here's your stuffed animal," I say to Grayson as a huge smile appears on his face and he grabs it. I zip the bag back up as I lean back into the seat. "You two need to buckle up," I hear a woman's voice say. "Yeah my bad," I say as I see a young woman standing beside me. She gives me a smile as she walks down the other rows seeing of some other people need help. I lean over to Grayson to buckle him in but he is rocking back and forth. "Stop rocking ," I say to Grayson as I can't get him to buckle. He continues but I get it on and then do mine.

Im SO sorry about not posting on forever. I kind of lost interest in this book for a little bit and stopped writing. After writing this chapter, I've kind of gained more interest and I'm going to keep writing in this book

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