~Princeton is At snows House~

princeton: (knocks on door)

Snow: (answers it) hey princeton!

Princeton: hey! (snow's baby sister justice comes out wearing this ww.polyvore.com/justices_outfit/set?id=58706553)

Snow; this is my baby sister justice!

Princeton: aww she so cute (bends down to her hieght) hi justice!

Justice: hi puffy hair ( ruffles his hair) Your hair is wealy curly! (laughs) I don't have a best friend (looks sad)

Princeton: aww. can I be your best friend?

Justice: (gets happy again) yes!!!

Princeton: Yay!

Snow: ok you guys come on lets go to boomers ( they are both holding one hand of justice and they are swinging her and laughing)

~at boomers~

Justice: come on! (pulls them to the tea cup ride)

Princeton and them are on the tea cup ride

~after they are done~

Princeton: wasn't that fun justice?

Justice: yes!!! can we go get some pizza inside?

Snow: yeah! come on!

Justice: otay!

~after they get done with boomers~

Princeton: did you have fun justice?

Justice: yea!

(Princetons phone rings)

Phone convo

Princeton:ok....meet ya there...... bye

End of phone convo

Snow: who was that?

Princeton: the boys they said they were going to be at the park where we are going.

Justice: ooh can I go too( looks sad)

Snow: yeah I will call mom

~after she calls her~

snow: justice she said you can go

Justice: yay!

~at the park and they see the boys~

Princeton: aye boys!

the boys: ( runs over to them and sees justices and snow)

Prodigy: hey you gyus! an whos this little cutie? ( tickles her stomach)

Justice: ( laughs) my name is justice! what you name ?

Prodigy: prodigy.

Justice: can you be my best freind too?

Prodigy: sure cutie!

Justice: (sees ray) hi!

Ray-Ray: hi sweetie!

Justice: whats your name? two braids?

The guys: hahahahahah!!!!

Ray-RAy: no. my name is ray-ray

Justices: oh. I'm gonna cal you two-braids

Ray-Ray: can I be your best friend too?

Justice: yeah!

Justice: (looks at roc) hi!