Chapter 97.

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"I learned to love your selfish way
I still believe in you, and in this burning room
I'll suffer through the pain"


Why can I hear beeping?

When did we get an alarm?

I try to blink my eyes open but they're so heavy, and when I finally manage to open them I snap them shut straight away. Fuck it's bright in here.

Why is it so bright?

I don't even remember coming home. How much did I drink?

I slowly pry my eyes open again, squinting and try to blink away the blur from them.

When they finally start to focus all I can see is white and hear that damn beeping.

What the hell is going on?

I scrunch my face up, confused and still dazed and once my eyes start to focus more I see the monitors next to the bed I'm in and then I look down to see the white sheets.

This is a hospital bed.

Why the hell am I in hospital? What are all these wires? What the fuck is going on?

The next thing that catches my eye is a mop of brown hair, laid on the bed on top of tattooed arms that I recognise folded underneath a sleeping face but I frown when I notice the crease between his brows.


I swallow the parched feeling in my throat, god it's like I haven't had a drop of water in years.

Did I fall over or something? Did I hit my head? Why the hell am I here?

I clear my throat, searching my eyes over Harry sat in the chair and slumped over the bed and then I realise he has hold of my hand.

Did he sleep here? How long have I been here?

"Harry..." I croak, my voice hoarse from just waking up and I give his hand a squeeze to try and rouse him.

It's like a bolt of electricity has zapped him and he jolts awake like he's in a panic, his head snapping up and his exhausted eyes blinking rapidly to try and wake up properly.

My heart sinks over how exhausted he looks, but it nearly flies out of my body when his bloodshot green eyes land on mine.

"Abby?" he rasps, like he doesn't understand what he's seeing and his own voice is raw and thick like he's had the flu and close to losing it.

"What's going o-"

My question is stopped by Harry clambering towards me, damn near jumping on me as he wraps his arms around my shoulders and buries his face against my neck.

What the hell happened?

"You're awake" he whimpers against my neck, pulling me tighter against him and I am so confused as to why he's acting like I've just woken up out of a coma.

"I'm awake" I echo still not understanding, and wrap my own arms around him; hugging him to me.

I know whatever has happened would have scared him, especially if I'm in hospital - he nearly has a stroke if I cut my finger and I know he has a fear of something happening to me and now my heart is aching with my mind racing over how worried he would have been.

I mean obviously I'm fine. I think? I feel fine.

I mean I'm fucking exhausted, groggy as hell and feel like I could drink a pools worth of water but other then that I feel okay.

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