hamiltag y'all

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*tries to do french accent but cant cuz of my Northern Croatian accent*

hello hoes how are yall!

so i have a big announcement-

1st, I hadnt never expect to get over 300 followers.

like...where y'all even coming from?

i always thought i would have only 50 followers but im truly thankfull for your support!

2nd , today is actually the day where i began to listen to Hamilton, 3 years ago.

and my first and fav song from Hamilton was Satisfied.

No imma tell y'all funny story: since the first song I listened was Satisfied, i didnt rlly knew what is going on, what is the storyline but i knew it was sad cuz i was watching an animatic.

Anyways, second was Congratulations and all i have thought it was story about this girl namd Angelica who loved this guy but she sacrifised herself and gave her crush to her sister Eliza, i mean, it is lowkey tru-

but like i said, i didnt knew the story line.

Untill one night.

I was on my laptop, idk what i was even doing and i went to Google 'Hamilton' and i came there to find find more stuff.

it appears it was musical, which i didnt even know what it was back then-

and i saw a name

"Lin Manual Miranda"

and i was like 'ye sure, lin is  also a girl name' and clicked on it.

ummmmmm yeah you can guess what pretty much happend next

.... i was 13 n half at that time-

but yeah okay!

*intense violin and piano for the Alexander Hamilton intro*

ok lets began :

1. Fav Hamilton characters?

John Laurens and Maria Reynolds

2. Saddest song?

Laurens Interlude

(almost wrote 'Laurens pamphelt' xD)

3. Fav song?


4.  Main shipping?

Laflams, burrens, lams

5. Unusual shipping?

oof i have lots of those-

laflams, jamilams, burrens, laurette, mullens, mullham etc.

6. Underrated charcter?

Y'all might hate me for this but.... Samuel Seabury and Peggy

7.  Underused song?

The battle of Yorktown.

8. Jeffmads or Jamilton?


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