Chapter 22

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Hi. I'm a terrible person. Ik. But, now that schools back up, and I've had time to adjust to my nightmare again, I'm back :)       It's been a long time so if i mess up some info, just comment and i'll fix it up.


Emma and Jackie dragged me up the stairs to my room. Emma immediately sat my in from of my mirror plugging in the curling iron. Jackie raided my closet trying to find "the absolutely perfect" dress as she puts it. 

I sighed, "I don't see why you two are going to such high extent with all this, it's just a dinner."

Jackie and Emma both froze. Emma's jaw dropped and Jackie spoke, "Uhm, no. This is a HUGE deal. It's your fricken first date. My gosh." 

I just rolled my eyes as they got back to work. 

- 1 and a half hours later- 

"Did it really have to take that long," I groaned.

Jackie, Emma and I were all sitting in the kitchen after all the time of agonizing hair pulling and outfit picking. 

I was currently dressed in a teal dress that went down a little passed my knees and had an open back. Emma had curled my hair to perfection, it  looked like thousands of tight curls. My make-up was light and simple. 

Jacki scoffed, "Why of course!" 

Just then the door opened and Tyler strolled in, "Hello ladies."

I stood up and immediately tried to fix myself in any way possible. 

Emma rolled her eyes, noticing what I was doing, "You look fine ya dumb," she whispered. 

I blushed, "Hey Tyler."

He came over and pecked me on the cheek, Jackie and Emma both squealed. I rolled my eyes at them.

"Uhm, were just gonna.. ya know... go.. and if you do the frickle frackle please use protection," her and Jackie then sprinted out of the house.

Tyler wore a confused look, "The 'frickle frackle'" 

"It means.. uhm.. like.."


I slapped my hand over his mouth, "Shut up. You could have said intercourse instead of that word."

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever, you ready?"

Nodding my head, we walked to his car.

He opened my door for me and I got in. Once he was in on the other side and started the car, I turned on the radio.

"Sooo.." I drawled, "Where are we going?"

He chuckled, "Well we can do this two ways, 1. the cliche way or 2. the normal teenage way."

"I choose door number 2 please" 

He smirked, "Since I'm so nice, I'll tell you." he paused, "After you say 'I want to fuck Tyler Martin hardcore'"

I gawked at him, "No way!"

"Fine, suit yourself." 

I huffed, " IwanttofuckTylerMartinhardcore." I quickly mumbled.

He laughed, "What was that?"

"IwanttofuckTylerMartinhardcore." i said a little bit louder.

"One more time?"

"I want to fuck Tyler Martin hardcore!" I screamed.

"See? Wasn't so hard." he chuckled, "besides the guys in the car next to us seemed to think it was funny."

My eyes grew wide. I quickly looked out my window and noticed three things.

1. my window was rolled down.

2. we were at a stop-light

3. the guys in the car next to us were giving Tyler the thumbs-up.

I glared at him, but he just laughed. 

Dick face. 


Please don't hate me. Hoping to update later :)

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