II - Mourn

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I wake up in a dark, cold unfamiliar room with no sense of time not that I particularly cared since the agony in my chest still raged on like a blazing inferno with no respite.

The room reeked of dark magic and something familiar although I couldn't put a finger on what exactly, it soothed the growing panic clogging my senses.

Looking for my wand I couldn't find it anywhere; the slowly dissipitating panic returned full force

Did I lose it? No

I CAN'T, it was the last link to my master, our brother wands I can't lose it after I lost his soul

It must have been misplaced that's it, get a hold of yourself you idiot what would master think if he saw you snivelling like a pathetic idiot?

Master? Did I have a master?

Of course I did.

Master Master, the glorious master of my soul, the one whose soul I was meant to keep safe and protected, the one I failed.

I cried, I sobbed, I wailed but the reminder of my failure as the protector of his soul brought back all the memories and overwhelming grief I desperately tried to bury since I woke up and that was how the order of the Phoenix or what was left of it found their saviour
bawling his eyes out in Sirius' room at 12 Grimmauld Place.

Hermione and Ron were the first one to reach me, Hermione embraced me and Ron put a hand on my shoulder their touch made me disgusted; I wanted to snarl and throw their arms off of me but I refrained, it wouldn't be smart to attack them while I was cornered like an injured animal.

"Let's all move to the kitchen to talk" the unmistakable soft voice of Remus carried through and I was glad to finally get them off me although reluctantly followed them through the house and to the kitchen.

Once everyone was seated, an awkward pregnant pause filled the room and Ron as tactless as ever decided to open his big mouth " What the hell was that mate? Y-Y-You were embracing that bald snake-faced bastard, caressing his face calling him pet names, Why?? Hermione said it was shock but you were acting barmy and like those slimy death eaters who worshipped him. You should see what the papers are saying thankfully Kingsley was able to quell any panic and uproar among the folks but we were quite worried for you mate, you were out for two days straight........"

At the mention of time my head snapped up, eyes that were intently focused on the kitchen table shifted to the red-head giving him my undivided attention "Two days?" I echoed.

"Yes Harry, you were unconscious for two days. We were all ready to take you to St.Mungos but Professor Snape assured us it was only magical exhaustion and all you needed was uninterrupted rest so we let you be" Hermione softly informed me

Looking at the relieved faces of the people surrounding me my brain finally caught up to what she said, something that caught my attention

"Wait, Snape is alive?"

"Oh Yes, He's alive and recovering at his home. Turns out he always carried anti-venom potions with him seeing as he was a spy, it was a precarious and dangerous position to be in so he always kept himself prepared just in case"

Merlin how he wished to yank her vocal chords out of her throat for sounding so smug and happy, fury; unadulterated fury boiled in his body at the revelation.

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