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prepare for a long ass chapter.

The moment the bell rang, Renjun immediately stood up and grabbed his bag, leaving his friends dumbstruck.

"What's with him? Why is he in a rush?" Donghyuck asked, Jeno and Jaemin approaching him.

Jeno laughed, "He's following his heart."


Renjun sprinted towards Chenle and Jisung's classroom, sighing in relief when he saw the two stepping out of the room. He rushed towards them and grabbed Jisung's left arm, and Chenle's right arm.

"Hyung?!" The two exclaimed, wondering why Renjun was such in a rush. Their hyung was running, as if his life was depending on it. Well, his love life is.

Once they were nowhere near from their respective classrooms, Renjun stopped running, and so did the two maknaes. They were all catching their breaths. It felt like they did a marathon from Seoul to Busan.

"I..." Renjun started, leaning his back on the bench he's sitting on. "I'm sorry... for dragging th-the... two of you..." He panted, and covered his eyes using his arm.

"What's so important that you had to pull the two of us here, gege?" Chenle asked, removing Renjun's arm from covering his eyes.

Renjun sat properly and faced his two dongsaengs, who were seated on the bench across him. "I need your help." He said, practically begging.

Jisung and Chenle looked at each other before looking at Renjun. "Renjun-hyung if it's about money, you're financially stable–" Chenle was cut off by Renjun who was looking at him sternly.

"Chenle why would I ask you guys money." Renjun said, rolling his eyes after. He sighed, "I need your help. I'll ask her out for prom this afternoon." He said.

Jisung snapped his fingers, "Oh, so that's the reason why our adviser is excusing the two of us this afternoon. That was your doing?" He asked Renjun, and the older nodded. "Damn, I thought I could play xbox already."

"Guys, please help me!" He said, now kneeling in front of the youngest two.

Chenle and Jisung's eyes widened because of what the older male did. "Stand up, hyung! You look stupid!" Jisung said. "Okay, we'll help you, now stand up!"


"Wow, Chenle and Jisung are already here." Taeyong remarked as he sat down on his usual chair. "Woah, Injoon why are you so serious?"

Jisung laughed, "Maybe he's nervous because he'll do something big later, hyung."

Taeyong then looked at Renjun, who looks like he's about to cry because of nervousness. "It's okay, Renjunnie. We got your back." He said, patting the younger's back.

Renjun sighed. He's done nothing yet and he's already stressed. "Thank you, hyungs, noonas, dongsaengs... I wouldn't know what to do if you guys weren't here..." He sighed.

"Now, who'll be there to help us?" Wendy asked.

"Huang, make sure this is more important than us skipping classes, or else I'll kick you."

They all looked at the one who talked. It was Hina, with the rest of Ningning's friends, who he assumed, are also her dorm mates.

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