the one where he (kind of) confesses

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The next day at school, Felix avoided his friends. Especially Changbin. They tried to talk to him, but he was cold and disinterested. No one could get him to talk. At least until Changbin cornered him.

Felix leaned against his locker, laughing sarcastically as his best friend walked up and slammed his hand against the locker right next to Felix's head. He jumped. "Hey, pretty boy, shouldn't you be in class right now?" He smirked.

"Whatever, Changbin," Felix sighed, "Stop flirting with me. It's not funny, and our friends aren't even around to be involved in the joke."

Changbin leaned in closer to whisper in Felix's ear. "What if it's not a joke?"

Both boys noticed the painfully obvious pink tint adorning Felix's cheeks when he asked, "Is it?"

Changbin's confidence faltered for a moment when he cast his gaze toward the ground. "Do you want it to be?" At the proposal, Felix scoffed, and Changbin's heart broke for only a moment until he felt someone take his hands. He still couldn't look at him.

"Was this a joke to you?" Felix whispered, holding back tears. "When Jisung dared you to kiss me at that party, all the fake flirting, the sweet little things you did, stargazing with me — was this all part of some elaborate plan for you to make me fall in love and then you all get to laugh because it was only ever a joke? Is that all it ever was to you?!" He grabbed his backpack and turned to run down the hall before Changbin could see him cry.

But he couldn't run, because now Changbin had grabbed his wrist and pulled him back toward him. Felix still wouldn't meet his eyes. Changbin gently placed two fingers beneath Felix's chin and lifted his face to make him look at him.

"Lix— I can't put it into words, I just—" he cut himself off as his eyes welled up with tears. He removed his hand from the younger boy's wrist and instead wrapped his arms around his waist, still holding him close.

In one impulsive movement, Changbin leaned forward until his lips connected with Felix's. His heart raced and his whole body felt like it was on fire. This wasn't the first time they'd kissed, but it was the first time that wasn't either a dare or a sloppy, drowsy mess when one or both boys were drunk.

Felix wrapped his arms around his best friend's neck as he smiled into the kiss. Their tears mixed as they continued to push closer to each other until Changbin practically slammed Felix against the lockers. Felix gasped, and Changbin took it as his opportunity to slide his tongue into Felix's mouth. Felix groaned and grabbed a handful of Changbin's hair then pulled on it. Hard. Though Changbin would never admit it, he really liked it.

They knew they would have to breathe soon, but neither of them wanted this moment to end. When Changbin pulled away, he was almost glad he did. He opened his eyes and saw the most beautiful thing he'd ever had the privilege to lay eyes on: Felix, with his eyes still closed, mouth hanging slightly open, breathing heavily, holding onto Changbin's shoulder just to stay standing.

"Seo Changbin, if this is another joke, I swear to every God of every religion that I'll kill you," Felix muttered, panting.

Changbin just beamed and grabbed Felix's hand. "Let's hang out at my house for a bit."

"What about clas—" Felix was cut off by his best friend pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.

"Forget classes," Changbin said, "You, my dear, look like a mess, and it's doing very painful things to my heart."

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