the one where he stops laughing at the jokes

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Changbin woke up woke up with a headache, tear stains on his face, and a strange pain in his chest. He knew this feeling: guilt overwhelming enough to cause physical pain.

I deserve this, Changbin thought.

He was brought back to reality by the familiar feeling of Felix's arms tightening around his waist. He looked down and was met with the sweet pair of warm brown eyes he'd known for so long. He was used to Felix zoning out and staring at him, so he wasn't uncomfortable. In fact, he met the younger's gaze, and they spent several minutes lost in each other's eyes before their moment was interrupted.

"You two can be gross and in love later," Cassie chided, "It's Saturday, and Changbin is hosting this week. And it's already 3 in the afternoon."

"Wait," Changbin choked out, "It's Saturday? I didn't plan anything for tonight. I forgot."

Cassie rolled her eyes. "Why am I more on top of your party schedule than either of you? Just do truth or dare, or seven minutes in heaven, or whatever other stupid immature party game requires no setup."

"You're an angel, kid," Changbin yawned.

She scowled. "Calm your tits, Changbin. I didn't really do anything. And I think your actual angel is a bit jealous; he keeps trying to get your attention." She was right, Felix had been playing with Changbin's hair throughout their whole conversation. Once Changbin looked away from her, Cassie left.

"Okay, angel," Changbin purred, "Get ready and let's walk back to my house." He stood up with Felix still clinging to his chest. Changbin laughed as he grabbed Felix's legs to slowly set his feet on the ground, but Felix kept his arms looped behind Changbin's neck, admiring his every move.

"Let's just stay like this for a few minutes."

Once Felix decided he'd hugged Changbin long enough (he didn't actually think it was enough time, his arms were just tired) the boys walked the short distance to Changbin's house.

They gathered snacks and then fell asleep on the couch waiting for the boys to arrive. The group was close enough that they didn't feel the need to knock before entering each others' houses. So they didn't. And they found Changlix asleep on the couch with Felix laying on Changbin's chest. Immediately they began taking pictures and trying not to wake the boys up.

"Shut up, guys," Changbin whispered, "I don't want you to wake Lixie up. Also, send me those photos." Everyone smirked as Changbin sat up slowly, making sure he didn't wake Felix up before carrying him upstairs to Changbin's room.

He came back downstairs to find his friends sitting in a semicircle on the floor. "Changbin," Woojin said, "Come take a seat. Let's talk." He hesitantly sat down and waited for Woojin to continue. "What the hell did you do to make Felix so tired?!" He broke character as he began cackling.

"Dammit, Woojin," Minho scoffed, "It was supposed to be ominous and you just made it weird. But it's a good question." He smirked and waited.

Hyunjin spoke up when Changbin wouldn't. "He's asking what you did. You can't seriously expect us to believe you two haven't tried anything. So, what was it? What's innocent baby Felix into?" Everyone hooted with laughter until Changbin stood up.

"Shut up," he growled, "I love you guys but shut the hell up. I need you to leave Felix alone. I understand that it's a just joke and it's funny and whatever, but what or who Felix does is none of my business, nor is it yours. Sure, it's funny sometimes, but we can't do this when he isn't here. It's not fair to him."

Little did any of them know, Felix was there, sitting out of sight at the top of the stairs. The words rang in his ears, It's just a joke. It's funny sometimes. And his heart broke a little bit.

"I knew it," Felix whispered, wiping away his tears as he returned to Changbin's room. "It's still just a joke. That's all it ever was and all it ever will be. He could never love me. Never."

He spent his whole night awake, tossing and turning and thinking way too much. All he did was make himself feel more angry and hurt by forcing himself to believe that every single thing he'd ever done with Changbin was a part of an intricate prank.

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