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"There are restaurants who specialize in selling and cooking human meat.

Cannibalism taken to the next level, as far as my knowledge only the most remote tribes with more or less no development were practising cannibalism but it is evident enough that even the most literate people do too.

Human meat being cooked and served restaurants which are by all means very hard to find and the location of these type of restaurants are available in the deep web, you just need to keep digging until you find one.

When somebody asks me if I am fond of human meat, I’d get angry and say no.

But, selling human meat is rather a very good business illegal nonetheless.

People show up in good numbers just to consume dishes made from it.

Any dish that is prepared by using animal meat is also made using human meat.

Cannibalism is real and it may consume the world sooner than expected.

Deep web stories keep getting weirder and weirder with humans literally consuming the meat of their own species."

"This is not a joke of bad or worst taste, scary deep web stories like these really do disturb me.

A detailed guide to cooking women along with videos showing the same sounds ridiculous but it is present on the dark web.

The details of even the minute cut on the body to make the cooking better are provided in this guide.

Cooking live women seems even more gruesome than cooking dead human meat.

This guide focuses on keeping the subject alive for as long as possible while she’s being cooked.

How to cook a girl in order to ensure her survival to the longest possible time is explained here and people have shown interest in these videos."

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