Chapter 94

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Unedited. For those of you asking, Kainsius, Luke and Ashton were new characters. We don't know anything about them as of now... But we will. Soon.


To listen to our heart or our head? That is an age old question that humanity had been asking since the very beginning of your civilization.

It is a question without a legit and definitely correct answer. Why? Because humans are humans.

Humans are incapable of predicting what has not happened and the course of future lies within the hand of fate and the will of the universe. The human race is an incompetent fragment that exists within a vast volume of creation.

The possibilities of whether our head or heart holding the right decision, the decision that would benefit the mass was 50/50. No matter how carefully you analyst a situation, there are countless of external factors needed to be included if you want to predict the absolute precise future… and that is something that mere humans are incapable of doing.

A pendant of solid gold. A perfect circle of gold, wrapped around the letters Z and M; Zayn’s initials. Hung from a thin, golden chain. It felt heavy against Evelyn's chest.

It fell close to the centre of her chest, levelled with where her heart was, right above her breasts. The precious metal contrasted her ivory pale skin, its temperature unnaturally cold. Evelyn felt like she had been branded or labelled. The letters ZM was like an issue of warning, signally everybody that she was the property of the King, and that she was not to be touched or to be spoken to by anyone; unless that someone had a death wish.

Evelyn felt like Zayn’s property. The necklace made her feel objectified, like she was some kind of materialistic object… At first, she wanted to rebel, to throw the necklace as far away as she could; but she didn’t.

The necklace was Zayn’s way of telling Evelyn that she was still his property, and consideration should be behind her every move that day. It was an object of caution, reminding Evelyn that if she ever tried to run, he would catch her. He may be giving her an opportunity of freedom, but he was still Zayn Malik, and he was not a man who gives up easily.

She glanced down at it as the sleek black vehicle continued to race up the highway, towards the centre of Utopia.

ZM… she rolled her eyes. A tiger can’t change its stripes, Evelyn reminded herself.

When the receptionist at Shangri-La gave the necklace to Evelyn that morning, Evelyn didn’t cause a scene or fought a desperate battle to keep her dignity and protect her pride. Though she was unhappy she had to wear something that would make everyone think she was a whore of the King’s, she willingly clasped its chains around her neck, without a word of disapproval.

He’s making progress, she had told herself. We both promised to change and try to make things work. For the sake of the fate of humanity and the future of countless lives yet to born, I am an insignificant sacrifice for the betterment of their lives.  He’s trying. I have to as well.

Very slowly, Evelyn was trying to convince herself to accept her fate, and it was working. She had lost almost every glimmer of hope to escape Zayn, and she knew unless he released her, she could never escape him… So, she was making the best of a terrible situation and utilizing her position in his heart for a better future for her people.

An act of bravery, but bravery aren’t always consistent.

She sighed heavily and leaned her head against the chilling cold surface of the car window. The car journey was silent. The driver had asked Evelyn if she would like to listen to some music, but her head was already a big enough mess she couldn’t bear the sound of anything both silence ringing in her eardrums.

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