Saving Stephenie - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

As excruciatingly painful lunch was, it looked like gym would be worse. I had yet another class with Derek and Trey together. Derek didn't have his little clique but that did not take away from his personality. The tension between Trey and Derek was thicker than I thought it could get, but I couldn't shake either of them. Trey was trailing me around like a faithful puppy the entire day and Derek was there making his comments about my butt in shorts or something crude and rude. There was nothing I could say to make him go away. Trey kept his mouth shut due to my earlier outburst at him about handling myself.  

"You should wear short shorts all the time girl," Derek said wiggling his eyebrows as we started stretching. I turned around to find him staring at my butt.  

"You're disgusting you know that, right?" I asked raising an eyebrow.  

"You love it, we all know you love me," he stuck out his chest.  

"Oh you're so right," I said sarcastically while Trey looked like he wanted to punch Derek even more then he had previously wanted to. "That's why I'm all over you."  

"At least you came to your senses," he shrugged.  

"You're such a loser, no one in their right mind would be attracted to you," I laughed.  

"Good thing you're crazy," He smirked. His smirk wasn't as nasty as you would normally think, it was his normal smile and it kind of made you want to smile back even though the sarcasm was there. It made my heart squeeze a bit. He was kind of attractive, but with his attitude he wasn't getting anywhere, not that I would let anyone get that close to me. No relationships, that's not what I came here to do.  

"You think what you want, just know you're believing in a lie," I shrugged. "And believing in a lie always ends up in you getting hurt, just saying."  

Both Trey and Derek looked at me dumbfounded and I turned my attention to our teacher who was starting to explain what we would be doing in our first unit. For some odd reason it was ultimate Frisbee; I had never even heard of it but sure enough our school even had an ultimate Frisbee team. Our teacher was this big, fake blonde lady. All my gym teachers looked like they had their own gravitational pull; so why were they teaching us about physical education and health? Our teacher whose name I did not know yet had a tattoo of stars on her foot and about a million different kinds of piercings in her ear. Her long hair was in a high pony tail and the fakeness of the high lights almost made me want to kill someone. Why would you think that looked good? Especially with her dark brown roots showing; it just wasn't very attractive.  

We all started walking outside and the boys were still quiet. I turned back to look at them after a bit of avoiding their eyes. They both had contemplative looks on their faces but when they saw me looking their faces changed drastically; Derek's smirk reappeared and Trey looked excited and happy.  

"Partner up and practice throwing the Frisbee for a bit, the Frisbee should be parallel with the sky," Our gym teacher yelled as soon as we reached the field.  

"Stephenie, I know you're dying to be my partner, so I'll make it easy for you and say yes right away so you can save yourself the anxiety of asking me," Derek said right away.  

"Shut up and throw the Frisbee," I said. I wasn't that keen on being partners with Derek but it was either him or Trey and Derek at least tried to be funny. Trey had gotten pretty annoying throughout the day so far.  I had just realized he had called me by name. Didn't I not tell him? Although it might have been obvious for all the other people in our previous classes that called me Stephenie. He surely didn't go out of his way, like I had originally thought, to learn my name; my imagination needed to calm down.

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