Benji x Reader =college folk be like=

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"You ready?" I ask my neighbour. He nods.
"Never thought college would come so quick." I pull the sleeves of my jumper down and chuckle. "Did you pack everything?"
"Yeah Ben." I mock him. He laughs and opens his car. Benji and I went to the same preschool technically Primary school and high school. I say technically because I moved up to a different country for a few years, I missed year one, two, three and four. I was really upset so we came back. I climb in his car and connect my phone to his bluetooth. He drives me around a lot since I don't have a license yet so I've set my phone up in his car as well. I watch as Benji pulls out of his drive way and we make our steady way to campus.


Y/N sings softly to her song and she looks out the window. I turn the music all most all the way down so I can hear her more. She doesn't notice I've turned the music down so she keeps singing,
"Now I'm feeling so brand, new." I smile softly at her but keep my eyes on the road.
"So brand new." She's sings a little louder but still softly. That's when she realised, her singing was louder then the car. She blushes deeply and coughs.
"H-have I always b-been singing that l-loud?" I smile and shake my head no.
Her mouth makes a small 'o' shape and nods.


"You're rooms are just up there!" The woman speaks. I nod and part ways with Y/N.
"So long, Benjamin."
"Farewell, Y/N."


"Hi! You must be Y/N. I'm Natalie. Nice to meet you!" I look at the small figure. She has light Purple hair and stunning blue eyes, she's wearing a yellow cropped shirt with a white denim jacket paired with white tights.
"Nice to meet you."
"Do you want to set up then head down to look around at the clubs? I was thinking of joining the bellas!"
"They're an acapella group! Which means they-"
"Yes Nat. I'm pretty sure I know what acapella means." I set up the basics of my room like my bed sheets, chargers, posters then get ready to leave.

We walk down to the small fair and look around.
"Oh it's your fault we got into this mess!" Quiet bickering can be heard. Natalie points to the booth.
"Look! The Bellas!" I look around and space out not listing to her.
"You think I could've done another trick?"
"No, I just thought the talking was a little weird. Maybe try Facebook message him." Then a body collided with mine. I fell onto the ground and my hands dig into the sticks and leafs.
"Oh wow! I'm so sorry." The body scrambled to its feet and frowned. I take a look at him and smile.
"Hey, it's fine Ben," He looks up from his feet and meets my eyes. He quickly pulls me to my feet.He shares my smile and envelopes me in a hug. I hug back and he pulls away.
"Are you gonna-" Benji was cut off by Natalie.
"I just signed us up for the Bellas!"

Time skip :)

"Jesse, you think I could have my USB back?" Jesse makes a slurred 'Hm' sound and looks at Becca.
"With my music."
"Oh! Uh yeah! Can someone else go though?" Becca and Jesse both look to me. I sigh.
"Fine." I slowly walk up to the dorms and open Jesse's door. Luckily it's unlocked. There on the other side of the room is Benji quietly singing along to the song outside his room and playing around with his magic.

He looks up at me.
"Why are you here?"
"How come you're not down there? It's boring without you."
"I didn't get in." I frown and join him on his bed.
"What're you doing?"
"Parties aren't fun without you, so I'm not going back down." He laughs slightly and looks down at me.
"Whatever you say." I lean over and put the ribbon type things away and climb under the covers pulling Benji in with me.
"Wanna watch a movie?" I nod and he turns Harry Potter on. I snuggle into the crook of his neck and pull him close to me.

"Hey benji."
"I love you." He says nothing but instead looks down at me and kisses me softly.
"I love you too."

"She's taking so long! Someone should go check on her."
"I'll go." Jesse puts his hand up. He runs back up to his room and quietly pushes open the door. There in the room Jesse saw Benji and Y/N cuddled up cutely sleeping in his bed with Harry Potter playing in the background. Jesse quickly retrieves the USB and runs back down to Becca.
"What's taking her so long??"
"She got a little caught up with something." Jesse says innocently but hinting a smirk.

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