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Luke was laying in bed, his hands folded behind his head, staring at the ceiling, letting his thoughts go around. 

'Energy sources...' he's thinking. 'Clean energy sources. That type that will never disappear, something that doesn't cause a high amount of CO2 or other gasses in the air... What could it be...

Luke turns to his side, his view changing from ceiling to desk with blueprints from thoughtful inventions. He has almost a month left till he leaves and start a new life in Germany to be the inventor he always wanted to be. 

'An unstoppable energy source would be useful for James'pacemaker...' he thinks again. 'Could this even be great enough that the death will be a myth? Living forever? Death stopping from existence? Living forever... Be God.

Luke sits up, lifting his knees up, resting his elbows onto them and looking at the wind moving curtains now somewhere in front of him. 'Why am I sitting up? I have to sleep... Be God will be later.' He forces himself to lay down, wrapping himself up in a blanket as another type of force to get some sleep, but his thoughts aren't stopping him just yet. They swift back to where he started at the very beginning... 'Black holes... A powerful strong natural event that only exists in space, that's what they say at least. Yet if you'd send two atoms at intense force towards each other they could even exists here on earth... A lot of power would expose... An energy source would be created, yet it isn't energy-energy... Not usable energy and besides... it's a danger. If there is one micro-second lost of control it'd escalate immediately and the earth would be doomed to be destroyed... A risk that couldn't be taken. There must be something else. Something better.' Luke yawns, he's tired... In fact, he has to sleep most likely.

Again, he turns around, faces the sight away from him. Looking into the darkness that even his white wall turns in a dark grey shade. He closes his eyes, imaging everything he's been thinking too in pictures. Still a month left, still plenty of plans he could create and maybe even do... Well there is one innocent plan he has anyway; he wants to spend time with his friends before he leaves and maybe never get to see them again, not that he'll let that happen. First the nanotechnologies and later immortality.

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