Memory Problems (17)

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     "I can't do this!" Aeress whispered frantically in Warrick's ear. "I'm not ready." 

     He nodded his head. "I was not informed of this, and this sudden demand will be addressed. You can count on it." At least this time she wasn't the only surprised one. 

     "I already agreed to participate in this fucking insanity, not pre-fucking insanity. Why can't we just tell them to fuck off?" she rushed out as they were lead to another similar room. Her heart was ready to burst. 

     He sighed and hit her with a warning glare, but she knew immediately that she had nothing to do with his fury. "If I could have denied them, I would have. To refuse would be an immediate sign of weakness, and this will place a larger target on your back. Do you think I like my mate being put through so much shit?" 

      The heat in his voice and fire in his eyes told her he was furious. It brought a chill down her spine. "Am I going to die?" 

      His eyes flashed brighter. "No. Whatever they have in store... You will live." 

      Above the sky was exposed, the distant shouting could be noted. She could only imagine the building to be surrounded by a swarm of bodies. In the middle of the encircling benches-which reached as high as the ceiling-was a lowered area covered by a thin sheet of sand. It resembled an arena, the kind where gladiators wrestled with lions. 

     "At least one of us is sure," she responded. 

     The four figures reappeared before them, on the other side of the area on a flat area which was obviously made for the guides. It was kind of like the VIP seats. 

     "This will be a simple and quick test. The results are not neccesarily categorized by success or failure. Good luck. Premier, if you would honor us, please join us," the male with dark freckles gestured to the empty spot next to him. 

     His shoulders bunched. She could feel the heat rolling off him. His chin lifted just slightly. There was a challenge in the air. "I stand by my mate. In fact, you will stand while my mate tests out of respect, official Godhead or not, yes?" His voice echoed with an animalistic hint. 

     All four bodies got out of their seats in response, some quicker than others. Aeress could tell that there was a silent struggle for power, and in that moment, Warrick won. A surge of pride settled in her chest, causing her to grab his hand and twine her fingers in his. 

     He glanced at their connected hands and back up at her. He nodded and she realized in his gaze was also pride. 

     Okay so maybe she didn't hate him. But impending pain did miracles for relationships! 

     "Once she is in the arena," the hispanic woman bowed her head slightly, "we will reveal the object which will test her. So at your leisure, Aeress, please make your way down onto the field. Take note that majority of your tests will take place in this arena." 

     She held onto Warrick as before them appeared stairs. They pulled out of the wall of the arena, leading straight to the stone floor. Aeress looked down the stairs as one would at their doom. 

     There was a tremble in her body, not a surge of courage or even anger, but of fear. Aeress didn't want them to make her another pawn in this obvious game of werewolf chess, but mostly it was the possible pain that terrified her. 

      "When you come back," he said, holding tightly onto her hand, "I will be here. You are not alone. Remember what we've said."

     Her eyes couldn't leave the stairs which lead downward to more werewolf insanity. She chuckled nervously. "I forgot to tell you I have memory problems. Who are you again?" 

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