Chapter One

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Welcome to "Rules". I hope you guys enjoy the story. I will try to update frequently, and edit as much as I can. My chapters are going to be pretty long. I hope you enjoy. Please give feedback so I can make the story better. Yes, it will be full of cliches, I love them.


    "Oakley, wake up!" I hear my mother yell from the hallway. I mumble to myself as I flip open the warm blankets and jump out of bed. I rush to the bathroom to get into the warm shower awaiting me.

After fifteen minutes in the shower, I hop out, wrapping my body in a towel. I walk back into my room and throw on some clothes. It's the middle of August, so it's still relatively warm. I decide on a pair of white shorts and a red blouse. I don't want to be too uncomfortable, so I decide on some Adidas. After changing, I just brush my hair and grab my bookbag.

I'm halfway down the stairs and I can already smell the breakfast my mother has cooked. I walk into the dining room and take a seat next to my mom, who is already finishing her pancakes.

"You couldn't wait for me?" I ask, jokingly. She shakes her head and smiles.

"Not when it takes you five hours to get dressed."  I put my hand over my heart, pretending her words were damaging me. She laughed and basically pushed me out the front door. I'm grateful for my mom, she's been my best friend as long as I can remember.

I hop into my car and drive to school. I've always done pretty well, never gotten in trouble, always had straight A's. I've always been this way, I've never even been to a party, or tasted alcohol, which basically a regular thing for the kids in my school. Nobody even knows I exist, I'm pretty sure. I have one friend that I met in fifth grade. Her name is Wren, she has the brightest blonde hair ever and is paired with ocean blue eyes, while I have boring brown hair, and well, I guess my green eyes are special.

I arrive at school twenty minutes before I have to get to class, which gives me enough time to go to my locker and find Wren. I walk in the building and head straight for my locker, dodging people who don't care where to look.

As I grab my books, I'm startled by Wren slamming my locker shut.

"What the hell?" I ask, opening my door back up, only for it to be shut again. "Wren, I have to get my books. Move please" I ask politely and she moves.

"You're going out with me tonight" She states, a smile sneaking onto her face. I roll my eyes, and we start towards homeroom.
  "Exactly where would we be going?" I ask, not really wanting an answer.

"Just hear me out, okay?" Wren asks, fidgeting with her rings. I nod and she continues.
   "I'm taking you to Penny Bennets party tonight. Just listen okay, I know how you feel about parties, but it's senior year, and you've never been to one. I just think-"

  "I'll go" I say, cutting off her rambling. What did I just say? Why the hell did I just agree to this? She has a point though, right? it's senior year, one party never hurt anyone, right? I really just agreed to get her to stop talking, but fuck it. Why not?
  "I'm surprised you said yes! That's so not like you" Wren exclaims, heading into the classroom. I know it's not, I'm suprised myself. I really have no idea why I've agreed to it, I'm sure I'm going to regret it.

"I'll text you the details later, I'll be picking you up around nine, okay?" Wren whispers, breaking my concentration on Calculus. I nod my head, returning my attention back to the teacher.

Seven dreadful hours later, school is finally over. I return my books to my locker and make my way outside. When I open the door to outside, I bump into a hard chest. I swiftly apologize, looking up to who I bumped into. I meet a pair of blue eyes that I've never wanted to meet.

Carter Riley.

He stares down at me, pure hatred laced into his deep blue eyes. He moves the cigarette around with his tounge. I mumble an apology, rushing away before something bad happens.

When I reach my car, Wren is leaning on it, clearly waiting for me. I clear my throat, letting her know of my presence. She turns and smiles.
  "What took so long?" She asks, getting into my car. She decided she would come over, and help me get ready for tonight's party, fantastic.

"I ran into Carter Riley" I shiver as I even say his name. 
   "You mean, the Carter Riley. Notorious bad boy. The same Carter Riley that beat up a boy for just stepping on his shoe. The Carter Riley who never goes to school and hooks up with every girl?" She rambles, taking a big breath after.

"Yes, him. I accidentally ran into him opening the door. I ran away before he could say anything. He looked so angry" I laughed at how stupid it is. How could someone get so angry all the time? How has he not been expelled yet?

"You're so lucky. I want to run into him" Wren whines, shifting in her seat. I giggle at her childness.

"No, You don't. I hope I never do again. It was terrifying. I thought he was going to scream at me" I confess.

I drive home, debating on going to this party or not. My debate ends with another plead from Wren.

I guess I'm going. Lord help me tonight.

Thank you for reading my first chapter, I hope you like it and stick around for more! I'll be updating alot, I'm planning on making this very long, so stick around. Love you all!

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