Chapter 17

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Isen's POV

I quickly look again and the man stares at me with his red eyes.

"Make a move. She dies." He says and I grit my teeth in anger.

"Now then, I want everyone to go back to the jail cells." He says and I look at Remi.

Her blue eyes pierce through mine and and I look at the others.

They look like they're ready to explode.

And guess what?

I am too.

"What are you waiting for?!" The man shouts at everyone and I see a knife getting closer to Remi's neck.

Grr.. Motherf**cking piece of s**t..

Sera's POV

No one is moving.. I guess we'll have to come out with a plan.

"HEY I SAID MOVE! OR ELSE!" The man yells and I clench my fists in anger and annoyance.

The man shoves the knife closer to Remi and I can faintly see a trail of blood coming from Remi's neck and her pained expression.

"Guys.. Come on, let's move!" Blyke says yelling at everyone to move back and I stare at the man.

"Fine." I say and everyone begins to move back to the jail cells.

"Alright I want everyone to-" The man says before getting interrupted by Fierzza, "SHUT UP! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU WANT!" He shouts at the man and sprints towards him.

The man has a smirk on his face and sends a fireball towards Fierzza but he dodges it with ease.

"Weak piece of a$$!" Fierzza yells at the man and throws a jab towards the man's arm.

The man blocks it and I could see Fierzza throwing another punch at the man but the man catches Fierzza's hand and..

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" Fierzza's screamed and I could feel the pain that he just endured.

He was bleeding. And his hand was crushed.

He was on the ground.


I close my eyes and reopen them.

How could something like this go so bad?

Fierzza's POV

"Weak piece of a$$!" I yell at the man loudly and letted loose.

I throw a punch towards the man but he blocks it.

I grit my teeth in anger and throw another punch but he catches it and counter attacks by crushing my hand.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed in agony and pain. Blood began to rush towards my hand and I look at it for a moment before feeling pain.

Ghh.. I hope Cashmir has better luck than us..

I fall to the ground and everything became black.

John's POV

I growled in anger and fury began to fill my eyes.

"YOU F**KER!" I yell at him and charged at him right away using Sera's Time Manipulation ability to run faster.

I quickly punched him in the face and then in the ribs, and I heard a 'thud' and looked at the ground. It was Remi.

She wasn't bleeding a lot.

Just a trail of blood.

I look at the man again and continue beating him up.

"HEY SHADOW KING! STOP! YOUR GOING TO KILL HIM!" Sera's voice yells at me and I immediately stop punching the man and instead dropped him on the ground. Hard.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" The man screamed and I stomped my shoe on his chest to make him stop.

"Let's just get out of here." Sera says to me and I make my way over to Fierzza and picked him up. "Let's go." I say with determination and went through the exit door with everyone following.

Suddenly, a thought appears in my mind.

Wait.. Claire's not here..

How could I forget?

I'm such a idiot.

If she's not here, then where is she..?

Cashmir's POV


I smiled at the boy who just exploded the jail cell and a green haired girl walked out.

"Alright good job Noah!" I shout at the boy and he flashes me a devious smile.

"I do my best!" He shouts back to me and I smile.

We broken 328 cells out of probably a billion cells.

Heh.. Guess we'll be here for a while.

Guess I should tell the others then.

Then I got a brilliant idea.

"Hey Noah? Can you just explode every single jail cell in your range?" I say to him and he flashes me one of his crazy looks. "What the hell do you mean!? I mean like, I could! But that would suicide!" He yells at me and I smirk at him.

"What if you just go copy a guard's appearance and go to EMBER's secret jail button or whatever and free everyone!" He says to me and my eyes nearly flew out of my sockets.

"Great idea Noah!" I yell at him and ran over to a unmoving guard on the ground and copied his appearance.

"Alright, that was meant to be a joke but.. Okay!" Noah says flashing me a enthusiastic smile and a thumbs-up.

I smiled too.

In my very trouble making fun way.

Blyke's POV

"Come on everyone! If you want to leave EMBER's HQ then come on!" I shout at everyone and they start running ahead of me and I groaned.

"Hey come on slowpoke!" Isen's voice shouts at me and I keep on running faster like never before.

I stop running however when I see everyone in a office with Cashmir sitting on a desk peacefully with his troublemaker smile, staring at everyone.

Oh for f**k's sake..

What the hell is it now?

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