Chapter 27

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* no one's pov*

Warning Chapter...

*Disclaimer- very graphic so please read with caution. Very upsetting for me at least.*

Few Minutes Later....

Erica walks into the house. Baekhyun stops coloring and quickly runs over to her. She puts her drink down.

Baekhyun- Erie!

Erica pushes him on the floor and he falls on his butt. He pouts and stands back up. Erica walks past him and walks upstairs. Baekhyun grabs his teddy bear and follows her.

Baekhyun- Erie! Why did you do that?


Erica walks into her room and Baekhyun follows behind her.

Baekhyun- Erie, are you ok?


Baekhyun- Erie, why are you ignoring me? Did I do something?

"go away."

Baekhyun- what did I do?

" I said go away."

Baekhyun- but Erie.

" I fucking said go away!"

She pushes Baekhyun on the floor and he falls again but lands on his teddy bear. Erica pulls him up by his ear and he squeals in pain.

Baekhyun- owie! Owie!

She pushes him on the bed and he lands on his stomach. She forces his hands behind his back and handcuffs them. Baekhyun gasps and squirms around.

Baekhyun- Erie, what are you doing?

" you don't know when to fucking listen!"

Baekhyun- I'll leave. Please let me go.

She grabs a whip from the closet and Baekhyun squirms around.

Baekhyun- n-no. Please I'll leave. D-don't...

She starts swatting him with the whip and he whimpers. She whips him everytime she speaks.

"I fucking trusted you! Five months you fucking go and cheat on me with my sister?! You want it rough? I'll fucking show you rough."

She stop whipping him and feels down his pants. She strokes his member roughly and he whines in pain.

Baekhyun- owie!

"shut the fuck up."

Baekhyun- owie! S-stop! You're hurting me! 

"you fucking hurt me! I thought you cared about me and it's obvious you didn't!"

Baekhyun sobs.

Baekhyun- I didn't do anything! Stop it!

"you don't even deserve my time anymore."

Baekhyun- oww! L-let go! Erie stop! owie! OWW! N-no more! H-hurts! Please I said I'll leave.

"I'm so damn pathetic. I can't believe you just grinned in my face knowing you were playing me. I liked you since high school and you do that?! You mean't the world to me. Now, you're worthless to me."

She stops touching Baekhyun and cries in her hands, on the edge of the bed. Baekhyun sniffles and looks over at her.

"my own sister betrayed me."

Baekhyun- E-erie. 

"how could you hurt the person, who did nothing but love you?"

Baekhyun- walnuts.


Baekhyun- walnuts.

Erica's eyes turn back normal and she gasps.

"omg Baekkie! I'm so sorry!"

She takes the handcuffs off of Baekhyun and hugs him.

"omg I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! Damn it!"

Baekhyun- i-it's ok.

"no it's not. It's not ok at all. I did exactly what those other bitches did. I'm so sorry!"

She sobs and Baekhyun hugs her back.

Baekhyun- it's ok Erie.

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