Author Notes.

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Sorry I realized I had messed up on when Harry pulls his prank, I never stated he had potions in the morning, only charms before defense class. So I updated one of the previous chapters (Chapter three.) It was significant update just a paragraph had a sentence fixed.

On a side note, I now have an account on and should be found under the same exact username for this account: @Fletcher17. I won't cross post my fanfics so if you go looking at that account you'll find new and different ones on there. Currently there is only one I have started named Time Will Tell. It is a tomarry fic and picks up two weeks before fifth year starts, Sirius still dies, dumble's bad etc. of what you'd sometimes will find in a Tomarry.

Working on Chapter Six of this fic, sorry once more for the wait should be posted by midday tomorrow. Enjoy! 🌺

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