Chapter 12-Shared Snack

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Nick didn't argue against it when I asked to sleep downstairs. I think he figured after I spotted all the other tenants of the huge house I would eventually make my way back to him. I don't know how old any of them are, but Will told me newly turned vamps are usually the most vicious. The moment Nick left my side my skin returned to its normal hue and he headed upstairs. I didn't want to follow him, but I wasn't going to risk sticking around for all the vampires to taste.

I found an empty room upstairs and locked the door after seeing Nick go back into his own room. Then I woke this morning to the sound of knocking on the door. Heinrich told me it was time to leave and that Nick was already outside waiting.

Now, we sit in the car together driving through town. It's hard not to show my fear seeing most of the shops charred up from being set on fire. Most of the business buildings have red and black flags hanging outside. I don't see any witches on the streets, just auras of mostly yellow and red.

We're not in his normal police car now. Instead, we are in one of the bigger SUVs and another officer is driving the car and Heinrich is sitting up from in the co-pilot seat. They are all still dressed in uniform and so is Nick. His skin still makes him look like a ghoul and I think it may have to do with our conjoinment. Either that or his use of black magic.

The vamp baby sits between us strapped into a baby seat. He's been crying the whole car ride and I wish I could cry too, but I cried enough last night. I have to be strong to get through this and rescue my friends...and the town too. I'm starting to think it may be too late though.

The car comes to a stop outside Nick's church and Heinrich opens the door for me. I can hear the organ playing from outside. Once I get the vamp baby out of his seat, I carry him around the car where Nick stands talking with Heinrich in german. I don't why, but my mind automatically picks apart their words and I'm able to understand them without som much as a second thought.

Nick looks up at me and waves for Heinrich to go in the church. His smile makes me even more nervous as he leads me into the church. Immediately, the first thing I smell when we walk inside the big church is blood. The coppery scent is overwhelming and I feel hundreds of eyes on me as I follow Nick up the aisle to the altar. I try not to look at the huge stained glass mural or the giant red and black flags lining the walls of the church's interior. The only people in here are vampires and it's unnerving having them all quietly stare at me like I'm some ethereal being.

I look down at the floor. No longer is it a shiny marble, but stained over in scattered smears of dark color. Could it be blood? But there's so much of it...

I walk up behind the stage and the vamp baby finally stops crying in my arms as I sit down on a cushioned hand-carved chair. It has their symbol of supremacy engraved on the backrest and Nick's chair is identical to mine. He sits down on it and is seated to my right -- closer to the edge of the stage than I am. A very old looking vampire policeman sits to my left and I spot Yansmen and Heinrich near a row of flags behind us.

Across the stage, a couple of other very old vampire men are sitting down with heavy looking black books sitting on their laps.

No one is talking and I squirm in my seat wondering what is going on. The only thing I can hear is the organ being played somewhere high above us. There's something about it that just makes everything more sinister about this house of "worship". Nick looks pleased when he catches me looking at him and I avert my stare sensing his arm resting just behind me on the top of my chair.

One of the vampires across from us stands up with his book in arm and strides over toward us to stand in the center of the altar. I catch sight of its title Neo-Vampire Doctrine.

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