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Olivia's point of view

"So Uh. Jordan do you wanna come over to my house?"I ask.

"Sure" she nods.

"I know you normally- wait did you just say you want to hang out with me?"I ask confused.

"Uh Yes"Jordan says and looks at me. "Is that so weird"she asks.

"Well you normally don't hang out with us after school. Unless your mom forces you"I say and laugh a little at the cute girl's face.

"Well.. are the others going to be there?"she asks a little unsure.

"Uh not that I know"i say and she smiles again. It's like she doesn't want the others to be there.

"Okay. Um I have to go, class is going to start"she says and makes an attempt to walk away.

"Okay I'll see you later"I smile and wave a bit.

"Bye"she nods and walks away, tripping over her own feet. I giggle at how cute she is.

I kind of developed a crush on her, in the two weeks i've known the girls. It's just those little things she does. Like playing with the strings of her hoodie. The dimple in her right cheek when she smiles. How she sits with her legs open, all the time, so her knee brushes against my knee. How she only talks to a couple persons. How clumsy she is and how big of a nerd she actually is.

I smile widely as I walk to my last class.


"Hey mom. Is it okay that Jordan's coming over later?" I ask my mom.

"Jordan? Lauren's daughter?"mom asks shocked.

"Yes. That's her"I giggle

"Uh sure baby. Just leave your door open"she answers.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"Oh hasn't Jordan told you yet?"mom asks surprised as she puts sugar in the bowl. She's making cookies.

"Told me about what?"I ask, very confused this time.

"Well lauren told me that Jordan is in-"she's cut off my the doorbell.

"I'll open it"I say while I'm already walking towards the door. I open the door.

"Hey Olivia"Lauren says.

"Hi"I smile polity and let them both in.

Jordan is wearing a different hoodie than when she was in school. She now wearing a green supreme hoodie. She has also her backpack from school with her. So I kinda hope she doesn't think I'm going to study with her.

"Mom's In the kitchen baking cookies"I say and point to the kitchen.

"Okay. Jordan I'll see you later probably"Lauren smiles and kisses Jordan's forehead.

Jordan just smiles and follows me upstairs towards my room.

"So Uh this is my room. Since you haven't been here before"I say and sit on my bed.

She just smiles and looks around.

"So Uh. I brought my laptop"she starts and holds up her backpack. "I mean. I don't really know what you're supposed to do when you hang out with somebody, so I just took my laptop with me in case you wanna watch a movie or something"she rambles.

I laugh. "It's okay. You can sit you know"I say. She nods and sits on my bed.

"I like your room. It's suits you"she says and looks around. (Photo above)

"Thank you"i mumble as I watch how she goes to sit cross legged.

"Uh do you want to play 20 questions?"I asks.

She nods "sure".

"Uh Okay. Well do you have any hobbies?"I ask.


"Liv"Jordan calls out.

"Hmm"I hum and look up from her chest.

We're watching the office, since it's my favorite show. She's leaning against the headboard my bed, while I'm laying on her chest with her arm around me.

"I Uh.... I need to tell you something"she mumbled and scratches the back of her neck.

I pause the movie and sit up. "Sure. You can tell me anything"I say.

"I Uh... I'm-"she start But a message on her phone cuts her off. She reads it and swallows visible.

"I'm Uh... I think I should leave"she says and stands up.

"Wait I thought you needed to tell me something"I say confused.

"I Uh. Just let it go. I need to go"she says and puts her shoes on.

"Uh okay"I say and walk behind her downstairs.

"I'll see you tomorrow"she says and kisses my cheek before she walks out of the door.

"Is everything alright?"mom asks as she walks into the living room with Jordan's mom behind her.

"Yeah. I mean, I think so. She said she needed to tell me something but then she freaked out and ran away"I explain what happened.

"Oh Uh. I'm going to see if she's alright"Lauren says. My mom nods understanding.

"We'll see you tomorrow"mom smiles.

"Bye"I say and walk into the kitchen.

Mom walks into the kitchen too. She takes her cookies out of the oven and sets the plate on the kitchen counter.

"Mom what were you going to say earlier. Before you got interrupted by the doorbell?"i ask curiously. I really wanna know what's going on with Jordan. And it seems like my mom knows more.

"Uh I don't know what you're talking about"she answers.

"It was about Jordan"I say.

"I really can't remember. But I know for sure that if it's something important, she will tell you by herself"mom says and leaves me alone in the kitchen.

I sigh and start brainstorming about what it could be.

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