10.💸Saving Money💸

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1. 5$ challenge 💸
- put all the 5 dollar bills you find or receive in a container. If you want you can have a different container for different savings such as: going to the movies, traveling or even just shopping. 🛍The catch is you can't open it until New Year's Day. It'll be like a little gift from yourself to yourself. 🎁

2. Try cooking your own food 🥘
- instead of going out to eat every day, try cooking a homemade meal. there are many recipes on the internet that are super easy and take little to no skill at all. 🌭

3. Have a budget💵
- this is very important. sometimes when we go out with our friends you might say "ok, i'll spend only 10$ today," but end up spending 20$. that's ok but don't let it happen more than once. have a budget and make sure you stick to it‼️ bring only a set amount of money so you don't end up spending more.

4. Save all ya coins 💰
- put them in a jar and once it fills up exchange it for money or get a 2L bottle and save all your 10c in there. You could make up to 500$ or more🤩

5. Shop only when there's a sale

6. Use coupons

7. If you're shopping online, find discount/promo codes.

8. Try to use cash, more than a card. 💳
- if you use a card more, you'll probably end up spending money mindlessly. You might not know how much you have left. Using cash will make you feel like you're spending a lot more money.

Comment any more money saving tips💸

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