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CRYSTAL MOON was looking at herself into a small dirty mirror

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CRYSTAL MOON was looking at herself into a small dirty mirror. Her reflection showed a red lipstick lacing her soft lips, her shoulder length hair was curled into big waves. She looked truly gorgeous.

   Her clothing was a knee length dress, that was buttoned up all the way up and a belt around her waist. Black heels were on put on her feet, that were anxiously tapping on the floor in a wait for her friends arrival.

   There was a small knock heard on her front door making the girl yell out to her parents. "Mother, Father, I will answer!"

    Crystal ran to the door and a huge smile appearing on her red painted lips once opening the door that revealed Bucky and Steve.

    Bucky looked at the girl in amazement going through his blue eyes. "You look truly beautiful, Crystal." Bucky spoke softly making the brunette girl's cheek flush.

    "You don't look to bad yourself, Barnes." Crystal said and then her gaze turned to look at Steve. "You look great, Steve."

    "You too, C." Steve replied with a small smile on his face. "Are we gonna go?"

    Bucky and Crystal nodded, but before closing the door Crystal yelled out to her parents again. "I'm leaving!"

    A small 'okay' was heard and Crystal's grin became bigger as she closed the door behind her.

    The three began walking towards Bucky's car. Bucky held out his hand for Crystal to take, which made her heart beat like crazy. She felt butterflies erupt in her stomach like a volcano.

    Her cheeks grew a light shade of pink, and Crystal thanked the Lord mentally that it was dark outside. "Are you gonna leave me hanging there?"

Crystal felt her cheeks go a deeper shade of red and she quickly wrapped her arm around Bucky's one, causing a smirk to grow on the boy's face.

"Steve, how are you?" Crystal asked turning to look at her small friend.

"Today I got beaten up only once, so I guess that's a record." Steve said and Crystal looked at him sadly.

Crystal sighed. "You know one day you're going to above all your bullies doing great things, while they're cleaning dishes."

Steve smiled at his childhood best friend. "I hope so, but it won't happen." Steve said muttering the last part to himself.

The trio finally reached Bucky's car and the boy walked up to the passenger seat and opening the door for Crystal to seat in.

Crystal smiled at his gesture and said a small 'thank you' before getting in and Bucky closing the door behind her.

Steve got in the back and Bucky in the driver's seat, and before starting the car Bucky spoke up. "Ready to have some fun?"

Small cheers came out from Steve and Crystal and soon Bucky joined them. The girl scrunched her nose as a small laugh left her mouth.

Bucky started the car and drove to their final destination and the three had the time of their lives that night. This is where Crystal felt happy with her best friends by her side. She just hoped, that this would never go away.

AUTHOR'S NOTE. hehehehhe this is a small filler chapter. it was so cute and made my heart go uwu.

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