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"Just go and talk to him." Hoseok says sighing as he inspects his best friend who sat next to him gloomily shoving burnt popcorn kernels into his mouth.

"Talk to who?" Taehyung says flatly, a permanent pout on his lips as he shoves yet another kernel into his mouth, not even aware of the burnt taste, his eyes are glued to the screen analysing every feature on Jack's wonderfully structured face.

"You know who you twat, talk to Jungkook." Hoseok whacks the back of his friend's head, Taehyung gapes at him offended as his mouth open and closes like some flabbergasted fish.

"It's like 3am in the morning, how exactly do I talk to him?" Taehyung mumbles, rubbing the back of his head where he was hit.


"Give him a call, and if he doesn't answer then go talk to him in person later today, I am fucking over it, watching you mope over someone who isn't nearly as bad as Jim-"

Hoseok stops himself as he sees tears well up in Taehyung's eyes, his hardened expression falters and he brings the other into a hug.

"Okay I shouldn't have went there, but my point is, should you really give up this easily? I can tell you like him a lot." 

Hoseok sighs at the lack of response.

"From what you've told me, he's insecure Taehyung, didn't he say he was in love with you?"

Taehyung chokes on his saliva, he wrestles his way out of his friends strong embrace and feels his cheeks flush a tremendous red.

"H-He did, but he's not going to act on that feeling Hoseok, he's going to give up on me." The brunette stared at his hands clasped in his lap, his eyes distant in thought.

It's because I'm not worthy.

"What the fuck did you just say?" Hoseok gritted his teeth, seriously fighting the urge to slap his friend right across the face.

"I said that out loud?" Taehyung coughs awkwardly. 

"No." The other deadpans sarcastically. 

"Listen, did you even interpret what that boy said to you properly?" 

"Well yes, but no." Taehyung says unsure.

"He's scared of hurting you, because that's all he thinks he's capable of, although he loves you, he thinks you could be happier, but if he's the one you're happiest with, you must try, if it doesn't work, at least you won't be moping about in my home eating burnt fucking popcorn and you'll have some damn closure and learn to move on!" Hoseok exclaims, his arms flailing about with each point made. 

"You're right." Taehyung suddenly feels like a really oblivious idiot, he let his feeling of hurt get in the way of making rational decisions. 

"I'm always right." Hoseok winks delving his hand into the bucket of popcorn and munching on it.

Taehyung smiles, suddenly he feels himself find courage.

Find the courage to pursue Jungkook.  


Sleep. Jungkook tries various methods to try and make himself commit to slumber, counting sheep, convincing himself he'll see Taehyung in dreamland, but his eyes were determined to stay peeled open and bore into the walls around him. 

"Maybe I can dream of him idiot brain, let me sleep." He groans, tossing to the right side of his bed. 

His phone lies on his nightstand, and like some moth attracted to light, Jungkook stares at it with wide eyes, conflicted, he asks himself would it hurt to call him just once. 

It would. Now sleep.

His worn out subconscious growled at him. 

Frowning, he picks up his phone, unlocking it he taps into his contacts and scrolls down to Taehyung's, his thumb grazes over his number, gulping the boy shakes his head and turns his phone off, setting it down on his nightstand he cusses at himself for being so weak minded. 

Jungkook buries his face into his pillow, lying on his front, he begins to feel his mind succumb to slumber. 

His phone suddenly starts to ring loudly, the male lifts his face off of his pillow, scowling.

That's until he saw who was calling him.


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