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Two weeks

Jordan's point of view

I sigh as I walk through the school hallway. I'm already bored and the lessons haven't even started yet.

Don't get me wrong I like to learn and everything, but the teachers just teach in a really boring way.

But what I hate the most are the children here in school. I mean not everyone. Only the ones that bully me.

I sigh and open my locker. I take the books that I need out of my locker and stop the ones that I don't need inside my locker.

"Hey Jordan"Alisa says as she approaches me.

"Hey"I mumble and smile a little.

"So are you trying out for a club today?"she asks excitedly.

"I don't really know. I'll see what clubs there are, I guess"I shrug.

"You don't really need to be in a club. Your mother just said it was maybe good for you. So you will socialize a little bit more"Alisa says as we walk towards the cafeteria.

"I know. It's just, I don't really think there is a club that I will like"I say.

"Just think about it"she replies and pats me on the shoulder. I nod and roll my eyes. Ever since my mom found out there were different clubs in this school, everyone started bugging me, saying that I should join a club.

Not necessarily mom. She said it would be good if I socialize a little bit more but she also said I don't need to join a club if I don't want to. Which I'm very thankful for. She knows I'm not someone we likes to socialize. She's already happy that I'm friends with Alisa, Leah and Olivia.

I drop into the chair next to Olivia. I let out a long sigh.

"Everything alright?"Olivia asks.

I look at her and nod rapidly, while blushing. "I just wanna go home"I mumble.

"Why. School is fun. You can meet new people, make friends and Uh Yeah the rest is boring"Olivia says. I laugh a little at her words.

"I don't really like the meet new people"I say and play with the strings of my hoodie.

After a couple minutes of talking the bell goes. I sigh and stand up. I say goodbye to the others and walk them towards my first class. I don't have any classes with them together since there older then me. But it's fine is guess.

Olivia's point of view

"So you and Jordan he?"Alisa asks and smirks.

"What do you mean?"I ask confused while I put on my gym clothes.

"Liv serious. I see how you look at her"Alisa says and smirks a bit.

"What do you mean? I look like her the same as I look at other people"I say and tie my shoelaces.

"It's okay liv. I know you like her"Alisa grins.

I roll my eyes. "Okay fine. I might like her a little bit. But I don't even know her that well"I exclaim.

"Aha I knew it. And if you want to get to know her. Invite her over to your house, talk to her"Alisa starts.

"Wait. We both know that Jordan's never going to come over to my house, without being forced"I say, knowingly that the younger girl isn't that fond of socializing. And the couple times she's been over her mother had to drag her out of her room.

"Then say that you need help with your computer. Or I don't know. I don't know what she likes to do"Alisa grumbles.

"Yeah sure. I will say that my laptop doesn't work anymore"i laugh.

"Actually yeah. That's a good idea"Alisa says happily.

Before I can respond, our teacher start yelling about running.

I sigh and start running my two laps.


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