Chapter 17

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I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfill our destiny, but our fate is sealed. --Paulo Coelho

"Okay. Can someone please tell me why David is face down on the ground in the living room." Melody asked pointing at David.

Sean and Serenity were still in shock over the event that just happens hours ago before making it back home. To think on a day of all day's when it's the anniversary of David's mate's death he finds his second chance mate. Sean happens to know who that woman was for he had met her before. That woman is none other than Summer Fall a hunter. In the supernatural world, there are bad hunters that will kill any mythical being. Then there are the good hunters that work with packs to protect them. Summer Fall is one of the good hunters with an incredible history of taking on wolf rouges on her own. She's highly respected by the alpha king, the vampire queen and dragon king for her amazing work. To think she is fated to be David's mate is something many didn't would be possible.

"Well on our way back home we happen to bump into David's second chance mate who happens to be Summer Fall." Sean explained to Melody.

Darren turned his head to Sean giving him a "Are you a serious look."

"Summer Fall? That's some pretty big news. So that's why David is like that?" Darren said.

"Isn't this good news? I mean David found his new mate." Serenity said rubbing David's back gently trying to get him off the ground. She was pretty sure his face would have some crazy marks from the rug.

"It is a good thing Serenity." Melody began. "However, the big concern is if David is ready for a new mate."

Melody had a good point in where Serenity understood what she was saying. David is still in love with his late mate that it could be hard for him to move on. David still blames himself for her death to this day.

"David. Have you any clue on what you're going to do?" Sean asked.

David remained silent for a good minute before getting up from the ground fixing is a black V-neck shirt. To everyone, his eyes look dead showing no trace of emotion in them. Darren and Started to get very concerned for him at this point. Melody suggested that Darren and Sean take him out to clear his mind of all things. Have a guy's night relax and not stress about anything. Serenity got a call from her boss stating that she had to come in and watch over a Husky mother who is about to give birth to pups.

"How come he calls you and not me?" Melody asked pouting.

"Maybe because the last time we were called in to help out with the birthing prosses of a golden retriever you fainted. It's funny how you can handle a surgical procedure but not birthing procedures."

"The birth of life is gross okay. Beautiful but gross." Melody fired back pouting more till Darren kissed her on the lips making that pout turn into a smile.

"Don't worry. I'll be back in no time. And when I do return let's watch some horror movies okay?"

"Now you're talking!"

Sean let Serenity borrow one of his other cars to work for the night. When she got to the vet, she could see someone waiting in the waiting room. Getting a closer look at the person she saw that it was Summer Fall. Surprised she walked over getting Summer's attention.

"Oh my gosh. You work here?" Summer asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah. I work here also with my best friend Melody. What brings you here? David is not with me right now if you're looking for him."

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