(Ragini) CH-2

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So the part 2 is here...

Precap:- Letter from a brother to his sister. Unhandable conditions of Shergill family.

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RND Academy
Same night,

A mail is received in the profile of the girl for the first time. Seeing this, they are surprised. The person checking on the mails send the peon to call Ragini in the library from where she could read it. The peon very well knew where she could be at this hour of time. He directly goes there.

Here, a girl was in the gym on the treadmill jogging. She stopped it and wiped off her sweat with her towel and drank some water from her bottle.
Then took sigh , leaned on the ground and started doing push-ups.

"Today I have to cross 75 at any cost! LAst time it was 70 when Akriti interrupted....Let's start.."

"1." "2." "3." "4." "5." "6." ....... "70."

Then only the peon entered the gym..

" Ragini Beta! Ragini beta!"

"What Dada! Today am not stopping...I have to complete my target!" She doesn't stop.

"71." "72."

"First listen to me!"

"Say Na! But I have to cross 75.."

"73." "74."

"You've received a letter from some Major....uhmmm...What was the name?"

Listening to this Ragini immediately stops and looks at him.

Listening to this Ragini immediately stops and looks at him

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"You're joking right?"

"No....Go in the library..!"



She stands and runs to her room to get freshen up ,wears a T- shirt on the top and runs fast towards the library. As it was 9 in the night, so no one was there in the corridor which made her reach there as soon as possible.

She sits on her Pc of library and her eyes got scanned due to which the mail box opened which had only one letter. She clicked on it and the name of the sender revealed along with the letter attatched.

Sender:- Major Vihaan Singh Shergill

And reading the name a big smile crept on her face and she smiled while a lone tear escaped her eyes. First time in the five years, his brother contacted her. She knew his intension of not disturbing her and that was the reason only that she was excelling in performance. Be it Academic or any other sphere.

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