Attention Baby!Niall Toddler!Zayn

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Niall- headspace of a 1 year old

Zayn-headspace of a 4 year old




Louis wake up hearing cries coming from Niall's room. He got up started to walk into the room.

"Hey, baby why are you crying?" He asked. Niall pointed at his bear on the floor beside his crib. Louis picked up and gave it to Niall,"There you go baby boy."

Louis grabbed Niall walking out the room going downstairs. Louis carried Niall in the kitchen and saw Zayn eating his breakfast while, Harry and Liam fitting the food ready for the table.

"Hey, babes," Louis smiled putting Niall in food chair. Harry and Liam turned around and smiled at Louis giving the shorter man a peck.

Zayn winced that he's not getting an attention from his daddies anymore, but everyone seen to ignored him. He looked at daddy feeding Niall as making faces, Niall giggle making him mad because not getting attention from his daddy.

"Daddy," Zayn cried.

"Not now Zayn, I am feeding your brother," Louis scorned at Zayn. He felt sad when daddy was mad at him.


Zayn was playing his toy cars on the floor by his dada making sounds. As Harry came down the stair carrying Niall with him. He sat Niall on the floor by Zayn playing cars Niall decide to take Zayn's car out of his hand.

"Niall, give back," Zayn said angry , but Niall shooked his head continued playing it.

"Dada Papa! Niall won't give the car back to me while I was playing that." Then, Liam signed irritated," Zayn, you needed to share your toys to your little brother."

"But I was playing it," Zayn shouted.

"I don't care and you going in the counter for shouted at young man," Liam strictly shouted back. As Zayn can felt tears going down his cheek, Liam carried him to the nearest counter and sat him there about 10mins.

Why my daddies doesn't love me anymore?

Do they hate me?

I feel unlove?

Do they favor Niall than me?

All the question that going through in Zayn's head, he was really depressed that he daddies doesn't love him anymore. He losted his through when someone picked him up from the time out. It was papa!

Harry put Zayn on the couch in the living room where everyone was in the room too. Zayn looked around and saw his daddies with a disappointed looks he was scared.

"Zayn, we were wondering why you acting like this," his daddy asked. He whimpered as he said,"You don't love me anymore."

Everyone was confused and Harry asked,"Why, would think that Zaynie?"

"Because everyone loved Niall more than me and never getting a attention from my daddies anymore." Louis, Liam, and Harry was heart was broken when they heard that.

Did they really ignored Zayn?

Did we made more attention to Niall instead of Zayn?

They felt sad and pity at Zayn so Liam decide everyone gets cuddles and let Zayn picked a movie first. Zayn decided to watch Fox and the Hound, as they watch it.

Zayn realism he felt loved again.

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