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Alisa's point of view

When mom first told me we were going to an old friend of hers, I thought it was someone from her school or something. Not freaking Lauren Jauregui. One of the five members of fifth harmony.

When my mothers told me about fifth harmony, I became obsessed. But not like the bad obsession, more like adoration for what my moms were.
I watched all of their videos, concerts, interviews and all that stuff.

I actually really want to be like them. Singing in a band with your best friends. Meeting fans. People who adore you. People who look up to you. It all looks like so much fun.

But My parents don't approve of it. They think I need to be older, otherwise my whole teenager life will be ruined. Which I partly understand. But how do I otherwise become famous? No when? When I'm thirty years old? By the time I'm famous then I'm almost dead.

I sigh as I step out of the car. I look to the side when I hear an other car. I see the daughter of Lauren Jauregui stumble out of the car. She knocks her knee against the door and I hear her mumble something like 'fuck this shit. Every fucking time' before she closes the door.

Like she can feel that someone's staring at her, she turns her head towards me. She smiles shyly and hurries to her mom. I giggle. She's cute.

"Mom. Who's ally?"I hear Leah ask. "It's my best friend. We were in fifth harmony together"mom answers.

"Are you planning an reunion. 'Cause you've visited almost everyone now"I say while we walk towards the building.

"No. We just missed our best friends and thought maybe we could hang out more now"Mama says but it looks like she has a plan now. "Let's go inside"she says and pushes me forward.

I sigh and shuffle behind mom and Leah towards the entrance.

Once inside, I saw my mom walking towards two women and one girl, looks like she's about the same age as me. One woman has blond curly hair and brown eyes. The other has straight brown hair and brown eyes, she's also smaller than the others.

"Hey ally!"mom says enthusiast and give the smallest girl a hug. "Hey Dinah"the woman says as happy as mom.

"Hey tori"mom says and waves. Tori waves back and smiles.

"Normani!"ally shouts enthusiast and mama gives her a hug. "Hey ally. We've brought our daughters"mama says and points towards Leah and me. "Oh and Lauren"she continues.

Everyone gives each other a hug while the children sit awkward at the table.

"So how are you doing?"ally asks after the waiter gave us our drinks.

"We're good. We just moved back here. And we're planning on staying here"mom answers and takes a sip of her cola.

"Yeah we saw you guys. You live in our street"tori responds.

"Ooh nice"mama says.

"And you Lauren. How are you?"ally asks and looks at the green eyed woman.

"I'm fine. Just weird that you guys live close to me but don't say anything"she replies.

"Uh Yeah. We didn't really know how you were going to respond. Since you freaked out after fifth harmony stopped"Tori answers and scratches the back of her neck.

"Has anyone heard something from Camila?"dinah asks. Everyone shakes their heads. "I heard she also has a daughter. Emily, I think her name was".

"Emily, Emily cabello?"Ally's daughter asks. Ally nods "you know her?".

"Yeah we have a couple classes together"she respond.

"Ooh to which high school do you go?"Leah asks curiously.

"Rydell high"the girl answers. Which I think about now. I don't know her name.

It looks like ally thought the same because she says: "Hey why don't we introduce ourselves? Since nobody knows each other's children names".

"Uhm well I'll start. I'm Leah"my sister says.

"I Alisa"I mumble.

"I'm Olivia"ally's daughter says and smiles widely.

Everyone looks at Lauren's daughter, who's not playing with the strings of her hoodie.

She looks up confused "Hmm what?".

"This is Jordan"her mom says. Jordan blinks a couple time confused and focuses on her strings again.

"Just like her mother"mom laughs.

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