Chapter 26

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Fp sprang forward grabbing his ex by her arm forcing the woman out the trailer "Dn't ever touch our daughter like that again!" She wipes her mouth angrily and screams "OUR DAUGHTER IS A SLUT." Hunter gasps tears forming in her eyes staring down at her mother.

"I hate you." She whispers stepping forward her hands shaking "I HATE YOU" Hunter jumps at her mum punching her in the face knocking her to the ground instantly Sweet pea rushes forward dragging his girlfriend off "Hey, it's okay." He whispers running his fingers through her blonde hair. "You bitch." She mutters from the floor staggering to her feet.

"Leave! Now!" The older woman spits the blood in her mouth at Hunter and gets on her Boyfriend's bike speeding off.

"FP, maybe you should take Jellybean tonight." The teenager tells his idol calmly holding his sobbing girlfriend "take care of her." Sweet pea picks hunter up swiftly carrying her to his trailer, kicking his door open softly he sets her down and takes off his jacket.

"Sweet pea?" She whispers standing up, he turns and wraps hi arms around her waist "whats up?" She sighs and plants her lips onto his, he gasps pulling back "Angry sex?" He nods and lifts her up giving her the advantage to wrap her legs around his waist.

The girl hungrily pushes everything off the kitchen counter and he sets her down removing her cardigan and dropping it to the floor and admiring her features.

Hurry up." She groans pulling his shirt off and placing hot kisses on his chest, he gently lifts her head up and reconnects their lips for a hot second before gradually moving down to her neck and collarbone hunter moans wrapping her legs tightly around her boyfriends waist, sweet peas hands slide up her skirt inching towards her hot and wet pussy.

Her head falls backwards her breath taken away.

He rubs her pussy through the thin fabric enjoying the sound of her moans, he moves the fabric to the side and presses his thumb on her clit and begins rubbing it harshly sweet peas eyes darken with lust a new sense of feeling washing over him.

He slide a finger into her wet core and pumps his fingers in and out, hunter moans loudly leaning against the wall behind her "your so wet." His voice is rough, their lips reconnect silencing the girl as he adds another finger speeding up his movements. He breaks the kiss freeing her moans as he works on sucking and biting at her neck.

She takes control and tugs on his pants, he nods pulling his fingers from her heat sweetpea looks her in the eyes as he sucks his fingers clean "you taste so good." She lets out a frustrated groans and he smirks removing his pants and boxers slowly, his hard member hitting her leg.

He grabs her thighs and pulls her to the edge of the counter, He teases her clit with the tip of his cock she slaps his chest angrily "calm down baby girl." His voice only turns her on even more.

He grabs her knees and slams into hunter, she gasps moaning loudly "fuck!" he groans adjusting himself slightly. He looks her in the eyes and starts thrusting but only slowly.

She moans loudly forgetting about the surrounding trailers "faster!" She yells, he chuckles and speeds his thrusts up her moans keeping him motivated, a smirk stays on his face proud his the way making her feel this type of way.

Sweet pea grunts as he thrusts harder and deeper.

This went on for over an hour before they both finally released unable to hold it back anymore.

He kisses her forehead and steps back helping her off of his counter, she smile tiredly and limps to the bedroom ready to fall asleep "damn, baby girl are you okay?" Hunter nods "I'm fine." He crawls into the spot next to her and pulls the cover over them and draps one of his arms around her waist "go to sleep, baby girl."

Her soft snores bring a smile to his face.

Maybe he was a bit to rough

Filler chapter! God i suck as a person! Ive been so busy writing other books i forgot about this one I'm so sorry, I'm glad to tell you i will be updating more! I look forward to continuing this book.

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