Authors note

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Hey my beautiful readers,
I say with complete devastation that i am no longer watching riverdale, now because of this i am unaware of how i will continue the story of Hunter And Sweetpea. I will most likely write my own plot so please keep that in mind.

I will the be the first to admit i do not update as regularly as i used to, due to the fact I'm focused on other books in different accounts, it is with my deepest regret that I haven't as this book and you supporters out there are reading this making me feel good about myself, I love you all so much and I honestly wouldnt have continued this book if it weren't for you.

So please, due keep in mind I'm writing a chapter for you guys and it should be published soon.

Don't ever forget this.

You are the reason i keep my head held high when i get the hate in my pm's or dm's whatever you want to call them, i shrug it off and think of you, i will admit once again a couple of my chapters don't make sense and I'm trying to fix this by improving my writing gradually.

But for now Adios and feel free to check out this accounts that also belong to me.


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