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James opens the door of his student flat and takes Sacha inside. He switches the lights on and smiles as his house looks and smells just like before the incident.

"We have to talk..." Sacha says.

James looks at her innocent.

"The doctors said earlier that you weren't permitted to finish your study... and today you said that you can graduate... What aren't you telling me James?"

James sighs, he looks down at his hands. Sacha might not seem smart but she does has brains. "I have to get a paper... Just... not to end up feeling useless in life."

"Oh James...." she shakes her head lightly. "You're the smartest boy I know. You definitive are not useless. I bet the only reason why Luke is allowed to do those Nano Micro Technology project is because you have helped him so much."

James sighs. "It is still useless not to have a paper that tells I'm useful. I can't fail." He says, looking straight in her eyes.

"Says the one who refused to get glasses... I bet if you had your glasses earlier, you would have been even better at the things you are."

"You are right." James says. He's starting to feel highly disappointed in himself.

Sacha notices she has downforced James a little. "...James......" She says on a guilty tone, her hand approaching the dark haired young male, but James turns away a little. "James... I didn't mean to make you think bad about yourself."

James sighs and heads to the TV. "I'm fine... but really, I'm not quitting school before I have graduated."

Sacha bites the bottom of her lip. "Be careful... Try not to play with your health... Okay?"

James nods. "Don't worry, but you have to promise me... We're not going to talk about my heart anymore unless an ambulance has to come to pick me up. Alright?" The words echo in James head... did he really say an ambulance has to come to pick me up. Those words are shocking... Not a little, but quite intensive. Snapping out of his echoing thoughts he looks at Sacha, wiping away new formed tears and nodding to promise her sort-of-boyfriend she won't mention it ever again. James feels guilty to make her cry, to hurt her... "Let's watch some TV..." he says, soothing the talk and situation. Turning the TV on, he sits down on the sofa and pats the place next him.

Sacha comes over, she sits down and leans her head on James slightly soft shoulder. "You need to eat healthier too..." she mentions during making herself comfortable against him.

"I know..." James sighs, looking down at the brighter brown hairs of his nearly-but-not-yet-will-be-girlfriend.

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