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All of the troupe woke up confused

"Huh?" Noah says

"What was that?" Piper asks, scared out of her mind

"I don't k..." Finn was saying, until he was cut of by the pilot, named Bob

"This is your pilot speaking, we seem to be experiencing a bit of wind turbulence - nothing to worry about. Please return to your seats, and put your seatbelts on. We will reach our destination in just under an hour. Thank you!" The pilot says

An hour and a half later:

"C'mon a-troupe, we need to get to our coach!" Emily commands

"Ok!" They reply and follow her onto the coach, they sit next to the same people that they were next to on the flight. They talk and play games until they arrive at their hotel, made for school groups, dance teams etc..

"Ok, the restaurant/café and lounge area is on the ground floor, as is the pool. The girls rooms are on the first floor - all rooms have en suites. The boys rooms are on the second floor!" Emily says

"Okay, it's two to a room. The pairs are; Jacquie and Richelle, Piper and Amy, Summer and Kenzie, Henry and Finn and Ozzy and Kingston!" Noah says and he hands them all a card to unlock their rooms

"Yay!" Richelle says and she runs up to Jacquie and they walk up to their room

"Ok, everyone go find your rooms and unpack!" Emily tells them

At room 200 (Richelle & Jacquie's Room):

"Wow!" They both say at the same time

"Look at the view!" Richelle says, running up to the sliding doors, that lead to a balcony

All of the troupe unpack and Emily and Noah say that they can chill around the pool for a bit. They all run up to their rooms to change into their swimsuits

"Oh my god! I love your costume!" Piper tells Amy, who was wearing a neon pink bikini

"I actually hate swimming and I just straightened my hair!" Jacquie tells Richelle

"Well, I don't care!" Richelle says, and takes a running jump into the pool, making a massive splash

Jacquie walks over to a lounge chair, wearing a rose gold swimsuit and goes on her phone. Noah sees and walks over to her, wanting to make things right with her again

"Hi" Noah says

"Hey?" She responds

"So... I'm sorry for everything and I want to be friends again." Noah says quickly

Jacquie sits up and takes of her sunglasses 

"Really?" She asks

"Really." He says

"I forgive you and I'm sorry for being horrible to you in the hospital. I was just in a bad mood..." She says

"It's fine and I understand why - Jack was an idiot" He says and they hug

"So, why aren't you swimming like everyone else?" Noah asks her

"I don't really like swimming and also I just straightened my hair, and to be honest I can't be bothered to do it again." She tells him

A few hours later: 

"Everyone, go shower and get changed into something comfortable. It's time to go to the restaurant!" Emily says

Everyone showers and gets changed and they go down to the restaurant to eat

A few hours later:

"God, I'm so full..." Finn says

"Well you shouldn't of had a big starter, an even bigger main and then a MASSIVE desert!" Piper tells him

"But it tasted so good!" Finn says

"Anyways, night!" Piper says and gives Finn a quick hug, before heading up to her room

The rest of a troupe goes up to their room and go on their phones to text one another

On A-Troupe's Group Chat:

J = Jacquie

H = Henry 

R = Richelle

O = Ozzy

P = Piper

A = Amy

Ki =  Kingston

Ke = Kenzie

S = Summer

F = Finn


J - Night everyone!

H - What room are you in? xx

J - 200 why?

H - I'm right above you xx

J - Cool! Xx

H - Anyways love u xx

J - Love u 2 xx

R - Not here please! *sends vomit emoji*

O - Love you Richie! XXXXXXX *sends loads of hearts*

R - Aww, love u 2 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX *spams the chat with hearts*

Ki - *sends eye roll emoji* & *vomit emoji*


P - Night x

F - Night Pipes! xx

A - Night everyone x

They all go to sleep, excited about tomorrow

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