Living Again~ Thirteen

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The following week was a busy one as Ethan and I worked on our project. We had collected a lot of information from various resources and now had enough research to get started with the presentation. Our original plan was to do a big poster with pictures and text but then I had a better idea. We could do something completely different and creative like make a video, sort of like a short movie. Ethan liked my suggestion so we worked on it.

We soon got the hang of using the Movie Maker software and worked all day sitting in front of the laptop, usually at my house, if not then at the library. We took small videos of interviewing people who know things about the War like Joe and the librarian who was interested when she saw us working on it. Besides that we had pictures of the battle fronts and the weapons used. However our main focus was Life in the trenches, so we included informaiton on the diseases people suffered, the food problems and their terrible living conditions.

It took around ten days to complete and the result was very satisfying. During this time period, our friendship had progressed enough that after working hard all day, we usually gave ourselves a break and go out for a snack at the bakery or ice-cream shop. Even though it was a lot of hard work, and half of our summer just flew by, it was fun.

One thing, however, I wasn't so sure of. The reason Ethan and I had been hanging out so much was because we had an assignment to do together. But now that it was done, do I still get to see him everyday?

"So," he sighed. "We're finally done." It had been a short day, since all we had to do was some minor editing. It wasn't even time for lunch yet. 

"Yup." I shut the laptop and looked at him. "So, what now?"

He grinned his half-smile. "Let's celebrate."

"Hey kids!" Claire called out, while entering the house with Joe. It was a weekend so I had encouraged them to spend the morning together. They both came over to where we sat on the kitchen counter. "You guys done with the project?"

"Yup!" We told them.

Joe perked up, "Let's have a look at it then!"

I booted up the laptop and played the movie. We examined their expressions as they watched the video. It was childish but we really wanted to make sure that it was not boring for its audience. And to our relief they had only compliments to give.

Once the 'show' was over, Ethan grabbed by hand casually. I panicked a little because I didn't want Joe or Claire to get the wrong idea about us. Before I could let go he said, "Thanks a lot, Joe and Claire. We're gonna head off now, time to celebrate!"

They laughed a little and Claire said, "Have fun guys! You deserve it."

And Joe just winked at at Ethan saying, "Don't be out too late though."

I rolled my eyes. Did they really think we were going on a date or something? Before I could explain the situation, he tugged on my hands and we were jogging out the door.

"So WHERE exactly are we going?" I asked while putting on my seat belt.

"You'll see." He smirked.

I narrowed my eyes. "This feels like dejavu, the last time you said that we ended up in a park eating hotdogs, what surprise do you have for me after that?!" 

"Don't worry, it's nothing like that."

I just looked out the window, irritated. I never liked surprises. It was early afternoon so I realised we must be heading for lunch or something. I also made sure to memorise the directions to be sure that he wasn't driving around in circles to annoy me again.

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