Part 3 : Human encountered

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Kate woke up from sleep, yawned and got dressed in a different pair of clothes.

This was the next day of course and Kate still felt guilty for losing the turf war. She had a little nightmare about it and woke up quite tiredly.

She turned on the television in the living room of her apartment to watch stuff.

There was some good stuff on the television but not much to keep her occupied so she turned the tv off and left her otaku apartment to try and not be idle and bored.

Kate sighed and sobbed as she left the building And journeyed to the train station to go back to Inkopolis square. For some reason she was slightly scared to go...

After getting a train ticket, Kate entered the train just before the doors closed and sat on a train seat. She then slumped her head upon her hands as her elbows rested on her knees.

C.Q Cumber slithered along the carriage asking for tickets. As he got to Kate, he noticed that Kate looked glum...

"What's the matter?" Asked C.Q.Cumber.

"I lost in turf wars, now my best friend hates me..." Kate sobbed as she wiped a tear from her eye.

"I'm sure things will turn out fine in the end" said C.Q.Cumber.

"Probably not in time for the splatfest" said Kate in disbelief as she handed C.Q Cumber her train tickets.

C.Q Cumber continued to move to another carriage. The train then started to move and chugged back to Inkopolis square.


Kate didn't do much in the train other than resting her head on her arms for the entire journey and could only think of what happened yesterday. Even so that her neck ached a bit as she sat up.

The train stopped at the station for Inkopolis square at which point Kate stood up from her train seat, put her bag back on with only one of the straps on her shoulder and left the train to go up the stations stairs.

As she got up the stairs from the underground station. Her eyes opened in surprise as the whole of Inkopolis square was filled with Inklings and Octolings, surrounding an orange building next to the turf wars building (the main one with the giant zap fish on top) trying to see something.

Kate tried to depict what the heck was going on but couldn't see as the huge crowd of Inklings and Octolings blocked her view...

"Ugh, I can't see!" said Kate in annoyance as she jumped up and down to see...

Suddenly a giant screen on the turf wars building turned itself on and displayed a loading screen before it transitioned.

Kate looked up to watch it because it's at least one way to help her know what's going on...

The screen transitioned to a news room where to the left of the screen was a Inkling and an Octoling to the right with a computer screen behind them...

The people on the screen were familiar to Kate the moment she saw them. She grew excited as she continued to watch...

It was Pearl and Marina. The pop star duet known as Off the hook! Despite this, Kate looked at the screen to watch them broadcast.


Pearl was the Inkling on the left with gold coloured eyes, pale skin and had white tentacles that were rather short, only reaching down to the end of her cheeks in a bob cut like style.

The tips of her tentacles were pink like the small crown on her head that also shared the same white and pink colour.

Her clothing palette prominently involved pink and white and her quirky attire was no exception. resembling a dress but had a big zip and looked like a coat.

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