The Pretentious Asshole

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No One's POV

If Emery Emerson had to predict her life and how it would go, having twins at 26 was not it. She had been freshly graduated with her MBA and ready to take on the world. But life had different plans.

Instead, she found herself moving to a town she had only heard of a handful of times, and that was only because of her best friend from college lived there. Instead, she found herself running into the arms of her college best friend, Chuck Shurley. Instead, she found herself taking the first job that came available, instead of vying for Forbes 500 spots like her MBA friends, just to put food on the table and thinking that this was all that there would ever be.

Where her MBA friends moved on into the cut throat corporate world, looking down on her for her lesser success, Chuck offered steady assurances, where her parents offered thinly veiled disappointment, he offered unconditional support, when her pregnancy cravings kicked in, he only met them with unwavering devotion, and when she was drowning in a mess of hormones and doubt, he was a steady rock.

Emery often felt she had passed the age for true love or soul mates... If she had believed in them in the first place. She had always been somewhat of a realist. Chuck was more of the dreamer between the two of them. He was the writer, after all.

It wasn't much of a surprise, then, that their marriage was one of convenience. It wasn't that they didn't love each other. They were best friends. It just wasn't that type of love. They both needed companionship, needed each other, and Emery's twins needed a father. Besides, they were far too old to be playing the dating game like young adults that they both weren't any more.

So... To say Emery was pissed, well, that was an understatement...

"Who the fuck are you?" Emery demands, once the ringing in her ears has stopped and the blinding light has cleared.

"Such language." Raphael tsks lightly, staring at his mate he never believed, after millenniums without one, that he believed he would find, never less in a human.

"Does it look like I fucking care? You just took me from my home!" Emery hisses. "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"My name is Raphael." Raphael answers as even toned and serene as ever. "And I am an Archangel."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me

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"You've got to be fucking kidding me." Emery demands.

"Do I look like I am joking?" Raphael responds, only a slight tick in his face portraying his emotions.

"Take me back- from- from where ever I am." Emery demands, pausing only momentarily to look at her surroundings; she was in a lavish suit from the looks of it, like a five-star hotel style room.

"I cannot."

"Can't? Or won't?" She challenges.

"Angels will see to it you are provided or given everything you need and desire. Now, excuse me. I have other duties I must attend to." Raphael excuses himself, disappearing in another moment.

"No- no, get back here you pretentious asshole! You are most definitely not excused! I'm not done speaking to you!" Emery screams enraged, before tossing one of the ridiculously expensive pillows at the spot Raphael had just disappeared.

"Emery! Em! Oh- oh god! Oh my god!" Chuck stutters out shocked and on the verge of a mild anxiety attack. "Where's- where's Em?"

"I- I'm sorry, Chuck..." Castiel finally says. "The Archangel took her... Raphael has her."

"What- what!? No! No!" Chuck shakes his head. "There- there has to be- you have to get her back!"

"I'm sorry, Chuck." Castiel looks down. "If Raphael has her... I do not know why he would want her... I will not be able to get her."

"No- no, Em..." Chuck shakes his head, beginning to pace, pulling at his hair.

"I am sorry." Castiel replies once more before disappearing.

A moment later, or perhaps more time, Chuck couldn't honestly tell, too lost in his thoughts, a doorbell rings, Chuck barely knocked out of his stupor to answer it.

"Delivery for Mr. Shurley."

"Oh- oh... Yeah. That's- that's me." Chuck answers; they were the flowers he had ordered for Emery.

For Em, my wife, best friend, and biggest supporter. Thank you for always being here for me.

I got the book deal. I'm going to make all our dreams come true.

Now, the flowers just felt like they were mocking him, sitting on the dining room table, too bright and cheery; they were her favorite, roses, peach in color.

"Miss you already, Em." Chuck sighs, his head in his hands.

The clock chimes in the living room, immediately making Chuck look up.

"Shit!" Chuck scrambles for his keys, phone, and wallet; Nora and Matthew were going to be out of preschool any minute. What the hell was he going to tell them?

Emery is played by Leighton Meester


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