Never Have I Ever

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Yes our boy Lou doesn't have his tongue I'm sorry

Clem was hugging these three people who she didn't know. Who, Violet assumed she didn't know. And she was smiling, even crying.

"I thought you guys were dead..." Clem said as she broke away from the hug.

"You know me. Can't keep this bat in the ground for too long." The man named Javier said back to her.

Clementine seemed to laugh at that comment, but Violet stopped paying attention. There hadn't been an adult at the school who wasn't trying to kill or kidnap them in god knows how long. Not that the boy Gabe was an adult. No adult would wear a dirty orange beanie like that.

"Louis! Aj! Violet! Come here, I want you to meet the Garcia's!"
Clem shouted.

Louis and Aj seemed to run up towards the group, Louis starstruck over Javier. He started bringing a pencil and notepad around with him everywhere.

"Do... You... Play... Baseball...?" Violet read from his note as she walked towards the group, in her signature "arms folded, defensive position."

"As a matter of fact, I do. Did... I mean. I was on a professional team before the world ended." The baseball player explained. Louis's face lit up so much after he said that, you'd assume he would've yelled right then and there. But instead he just kept writing away.

As Louis was writing more to Kate and Javier, Violet noticed Clem and Gabe were missing. She spun around left and right, until she saw them walking towards the graveyard together. She followed them, quickly jogging to them to meet their pace.

"Vi! This is Gabe! We were friends years ago, back when I was in that siege I told you about." Clementine told her exidedly.

"I know, we met a little on the road. You two seem like you were close." The blonde girl said back, slightly annoyed.

"Oh yeah we were. I was really upset when you left, Clem." The boy said to Violet and Clementine. But Violet heard his tonal shift when he looked at Clementine and finished his sentence. And the way he looked at her.... No. No way in hell was Violet gonna let him do this.

But Violet didn't want to upset her girlfriend, so she decided to play nice. For now.


"Game time!"

Violet looked over at the table where Aj was sitting, as Louis and him were getting the cards out.

Clem, Violet, Louis, Aj, Gabe and Javier all sat down at the table. "You guys know how to play euchre?" Gabe asked them as he turned in his seat.

"What the fuck is euchre?" Violet asked, looking at him.

"Well, its a really hard game. Basically you-" Gabe started before being finished by the sound of Louis writing on his notepad.

"No... Eucree? Nice spelling, Louis." Violet said, earning a funny but stern eyeroll from him. "No Euchre... Playing never have.... I ever?" Violet finished.

"I remember playing this game at slumber parties when I was a kid. Got my first kiss playing never have I ever." Javier said.

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