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The cool draft from the tunnels in the mountain made the chill that was in the air linger longer than Aiya had desired it to. After finishing the cup of tea that Kinnon had brought her, she had laid down and fallen asleep. Sometime during the night, though, she had awoken from her sleep and laid awake, thinking.

Her headache had calmed down to where she could barely feel it anymore, this making it a lot easier to just think. She remembered her childhood schooling, thinking back to a time when she was forced to memorize each kingdom, their laws, and their surrounding cities; though, her tutors had taken it a step further by making her also memorize the exact places on the maps. She recalled a map that showed the four kingdoms and what laid between them, remembering exactly were each kingdom was and everything that laid inside of their borders. The Ruune Mountains and Falenor had a great distance between them.

How was she ever going to get to Falenor? She knew that the travel distance between Gisben and Falenor was usually around a two weeks journey when following a proper schedule of breaks and rests. But the from Ruune to Falenor... she wasn't even sure that they would ever make it.

Her captain had kept a tight schedule, and they only had around a four days journey left until they reached Falenor. She knew that it was now nearing the time that she was supposed to arrive in the kingdom. And she also knew that when they saw that she hasn't arrived, they would have every knight, soldier, man and woman, and hound looking for her. 

Her heart sunk at the thought. They wanted to find her. They wanted her to be queen. But what if she didn't want to be found? What if there was more to life than living behind the stone walls of the castle and ruling over people? 

What if she didn't want to be a queen?

She let out a deep breath. No, that was a ridiculous thought to have. She was going to be queen, just like her ancestors before her. It was her destiny; her fate. It didn't matter what she wanted because she wasn't doing this for herself; she was doing this because it was her duty. It was what she had been called to do since birth.

Her ears were suddenly filled with the sound of heavy breathing. It wasn't hers, though... She turned her head over to see a dark form lying by the door, his chest rising and falling rapidly in his sleep. Kinnon had slept by the door to keep any intruders from entering. Though, she couldn't tell if he was awake or asleep in the darkness that over casted them. "Kinnon?" She whispered.

He sat up quickly while he breathed as if he had been running for miles, startling Aiya enough to make her jump. 

She sat up, still not completely sure if he was awake. "Are you alright?"

He sat still, staring at the wall across from them in silence. His breathing seemed to be calming slowly, but she wasn't sure what was going on.


He shocked his head, as if snapping out of some sort of trance. He swallowed, slowly looking around the room until his eyes fell on her.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

He nodded slowly, "It was just... It was just a bad dream..." He said, his voice sounding like a whisper.

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