Just A Long Author's Note

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The final paragraph is the original. Guys, if you're liking this story then I encourage you to check out my other stories, specifically Spark. I need to know if you guys are liking Spark because I plan on it becoming a series. If you guys don't like it, then I need to know so that I can dedicate my time to other stories that you will actually like. 

Seriously. That's all. If you guys have got any story suggestions, you can let me know. I'm currently working on one from a suggestion. I want to put the book that I finished on here, but I can't cuz I plan on selling it. Sorry. :( . Anyway, I have an idea for one about a girl who has super powers and split personalities, kinda like Killer Frost, but EARLY Killer Frost. Also, fire. Plus, I didn't know about Killer Frost at this point.

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