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This book is now published under Pop Fiction (publisher of "The Bet" and other Wattpad books). Copies are available in bookstores nationwide here in the Philippines. To those who don't live here, you might be able to get a copy via international shipping, but the availability is a little tricky.

I would be happy to address any questions you may have; just send me message here or slide into my DMs on Twitter.

This wouldn't have been possible without your unending support for this story.Thank you so, so much. I am forever grateful to you for reading this story. 


Q: Will there be a sequel for this?

A: There's nothing left to tell about The Heartbroken Heartbreaker. I consider a story done when the character resolves his or her problems and shows that he or she had changed completely over the course of the novel. Kyla's main problem (apart from the general whiney shit she had going on) is that she can't deal with the pain of losing of someone. She can't let go of her past. By Chapter 43, she has completely resolved this problem. The emotional journey of the character has come to an end and she has emerged as a better person.

The closest thing this story has to a sequel is Chance Encounters, which can be found on my profile. There's no real connection to Kyla or Seth, but it's set in the same neighborhood, and a lot of the characters show up. It's completely free, so do check it out if you have the time.

Q: Will you ever write this in Seth's POV?

A:  There's a bonus chapter in Seth's POV published under La Vie en Rose, which is posted on my profile. Additionally, in case some of you didn't know, this story was rewritten before it was published to edit out some of the bad writing from my early teenage years. I was 13-14 when I first wrote this. Two chapters from the original (read: bad. Like, really bad) version can also be found on La Vie en Rose.

Q: What happens to Seth and Kyla? 

A: The Heartbroken Heartbreaker has an open ending.

However, if you really, really got the story and the characters and how they developed throughout the book, then you probably already have a clear idea about what happens to them after the last chapter.

I don't want to have to spoonfeed you everything. If you've read the last few chapters closely enough, I think the ending I have in mind is already quite obvious. 

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