1. Nobody compares to you

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"Aryaman." Nandini called as she walked faster to catch up with him. He looked at her following figure from over his shoulder and it irked him. He turned to face her and her steps stopped just a few metres away from him.

"What do you want?" He asked coldly.

She hesistated for a second before forwarding a small box towards him. "I broke your earphone. So this.. this is for you and I am sorry."

He sniggered and threw the box on the ground. "If you are sorry then stop nagging to your dad about me and stop bothering me with your so called feelings." He said sternly.

They were childhood best friends but ever since Aryaman's dad started pestering him to marry Nandini for the sake of their business, he started distancing himself from her. The same presence which used to lighten up his mood had now started burdening him. He didn't want her to live her life like as his mom did.

"I-I haven't told anything about you to dad-" She tried explaining. "And my feelings for you are sincere." She looked down to the ground.

"Don't make me laugh. I am already sick and tired of you and your so called feelings. We are engaged and as if that wasn't enough you are nagging me even in college." He hit his fist on the wall, angrily and that made her jump on her place. His irritation level had exploded by now.

"Stop bothering me." He walked past her, stepping on the box. She looked at the box and closed her eyes, hurt and frustrated. He was never cold to her but since a few months back he started acting indifferent towards her and she hated this.

"Aryaman why are you doing this to us?" She fisted her hands and raised her gaze to look at him, trying hard to fight back her tears. "We were never like this. We-" But there she stopped, suddenly, for he gave her a look so swift and so venomous that the words caught in her throat.

"What? What did you just say? Us?" He scoffed. "We were never us. We were friends but you spoiled that too. Stop forcing-" He couldn't even complete his sentence as someone came in front of him and punched him. He stumbled a few steps back and shouted in rage. "Are you crazy?"

"Manik." A meek voice escaped her lips and she didn't even realize when the tears that she had been fighting back escaped her eyes.

"Stop hurting her." Manik said, angrily as he reached her and held her hand. "Why do you always come to this jerk? Like why??" He was irked and enraged.

Aryaman rubbed the side of his lips where he had been punched and looking at their intertwined hands just made his anger worse. He stepped forward and grabbed Manik's collar.

"Why the hell do you care about whatever happens in between us?"

Manik left her hand and pushed him away. "Us??? Yea right you must be kidding me." He scoffed as he adjusted his shirt a bit. "And I don't think I owe you an explanation." He said before holding her hand again and walking away, almost dragging her along with him.

"What the-" He could hear Aryaman shout but he didn't turn back and although Aryaman wanted to follow them, he didn't.

Meanwhile Nandini too didn't say a word. She was frustrated with the things going around and more than that she was frustrated with herself. She could hear the hushed whispers of the students in the corridor and that made her feel even more miserable.

He took her to the terrace. He was enraged and seeing her tears made it even more worse. "Nandini I have told you so many times and still you don't listen to me." He fisted his hands, trying to control his anger but her tears made it impossible for him not to outbrust. "Stop wasting your tears for that jerk. That jerk doesn't deserve this. That jerk-"

His shouting only made her crying worse and he instantly felt bad. He inhaled and exhaled, calming himself down. He let out a sigh, frustrated as he ran his hands through his hair. He then gently held her by her shoulder.

"I am sorry.... I-I just lost my mind. I am like really sorry." His voice softened as he gently wiped her tears with his thumb. He didn't say anything after that. He just lent her his shoulder to lean on and cry.

It hurt him but he pretended to be strong as he held her. They were neighbours since childhood but more than neighbours they were best friends. She knew him since the age of 14 but even before knowing him, she knew Aryaman.

She loved Aryaman from the age of 12 and moreover she was his fiance. Although Manik knew this but he still couldn't stop loving her. It enraged him and it made him feel worse at times but still he never left her side.

"I am such a fool Manik...I always trouble you. I am sorry." She stepped away from him as she wiped away her tears, sniffing. Everytime she was with him, she easily let go off her guards, even when she tried not to.

"Yeah right.. you are a fool." He stepped closer. "An intelligent cute little fool and nobody compares to you." He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder.

"Was that a compliment?" She slapped his hand away, sniffing.

"It sure was." He held her hand, smiling sadly, looking intently at her. He couldn't help but think may be she would have loved him if she had met him first.

"You don't even know how to compliment properly." She gently rubbed her right eye with her right hand, sniffing.

"Then will you teach an idiot like me to compliment someone?" He asked, tilting his head slightly, with an innocent look on his face.

A small smile formed on her lips. "Idiot." She mumbled as she nodded her head slightly, making him flash his teeth and that made her smile a little wider.

For him she was his one and only love, at least that's how he felt.

For her he was just her best friend, at least that's what she thought.

He loved her.

And she loved someone else.

You're once in a lifetime
Better than New Year's at midnight Wanna grab on and hold tight
And I won't let go
I hope you can hear this
'Cause it's your face that I miss
Your lips I wanna kiss
Nobody, nobody, nobody compares to you

~Nobody compares to you, Gryffin

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