The Archangel

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No One's POV

"Can you deliver? Or do I need to pick it up? I'm- I'm sort of on a time crunch here, you see..." Chuck speaks, pacing in his kitchen, looking out of the window that faces his front lawn and the street to the quiet neighborhood he lives in with his wife and best friend, Emery Natalia Emerson-Shurley.

"We can do either, Mr. Shurley." The woman answers.

"Oh, really? Great. Well, delivery would be great. It's a surprise..." Chuck nods, scrambling a bit for his wallet, which is somehow misplaced on his perpetually messy desk; Emery was always complaining, but she also knew it was part of this thought process and how he wrote, so she left his stuff alone. "Uh, what- what's the price going to be?"

"$77.77 for the arrangement."

"Okay, yes. That's fine." Chuck answers, nodding to himself absentmindedly, finally finding his credit card and pulling it out. "Do I pay now? Or when they're delivered?"

Chuck suddenly yelps, turning around to find Castiel and Dean in his house.

"Wait. Th- this isn't supposed to happen..." Chuck startles, jumping at the sight of the two.


"No, lady, not- I'm definitely ordering... I just- I need to call you back." Chuck apologizes with a sigh, hanging up the phone quickly.

"What- what are you doing here?" Chuck asks, looking nervous, as if afraid the Archangel was going to appear any moment. "You're not supposed to be here."

"Look, Chuck... We need your help." Dean says, getting straight to the point. "It's about Sam."

"Okay... I'd love to... But, you're not supposed to be here... There, I mean. You're not in the story." Chuck stumbles out nervously.

"Look, Chuck." Dean says a little more aggressively, stepping towards Chuck. "Sam is my brother. And he needs my help."

"I- I really would like to help you... But..." Chuck begins again.

Dean glares harder, growling a little under his breath as he steps forward threateningly.

"Listen here, buddy." Dean threatens with a jab in the air with his finger. "You're going to tell me what you know... Because screw this. You know something. And I don't care what the angels or demons say... That is my brother we're talking about! And I'm not about to let him be some meat sack for Lucifer! Or road kill for some demons!" Dean finally thrusts a finger into Chuck's chest.

"Okay, okay..." Chuck finally relents, speaking fast, and shaking a little under the weight of Dean's glare. "All I know is St. Mary's Convent... That's it. I promise! You can even look." Chuck holds his hands up.

A high pitch scream begins before Chuck can even finish, rumbling and shifting, accompanied by blinding white light, telltale signs of the terrakinesis powers of an Archangel.

"Aw, man! Not again! No!" Chuck exclaims with dismay, having hoped to avoid it all together.

"It's the Archangel!" Castiel warns. "I'll hold him off. I'll hold them all off. Just stop Sam!" Castiel tells Dean.

"Hey Chuck! I got the groceries! Wanna help-" Emery bursts into the house with bags on both her arms.

"Emery!" Chuck exclaims, turning to his best friend, his eyes widened with worry and fear, not expecting her home so soon.

"Chuck, what's going on? Who are these people?" Emery asks, her own eyes wide in shock as she sets sights on Dean and Castiel, eyes then squinting at the blinding light.

"Chuck,  what's going on? Who are these people?" Emery asks, her own eyes wide  in shock as she sets sights on Dean and Castiel, eyes then squinting at  the blinding light

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White light engulfs the room finally and a shrill piercing scream shatters the windows.

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