Part 6

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I decided to get off your lazy ass and go try to gather information... Maybe the 'others' could help me..

Not to mention I was really hungry...

I went downstairs. But I was met with really cliche game sounds, like grunts and stupid catchphrases.

I looked around and saw a living room, it had a closet in the back. With a PC in the corner, a couple couches, and a TV which was currently turned on...

I saw this... this... Uh- What was he?!

He looked like the character, "Link" from Zelda. He also looked to be about your age...

The boy looked back. Not at all fazed by your presence... His blonde emo hair falling into his face.

"You must be Y/N..." He said in a very monotone voice, Like you were wasting his time by just existing...

"And you must be a fan-boy wannabe..." I said back. Copying his tone.

He just gave you a, 'You're crazy look.' and smiled.

"Your not at all like they described you... You much prettier." He said casually, and without another word he went back to his game... My cheeks started too heat up a bit... Why? No idea... I shook it off.

I went through a doorway that lead to a kitchen... and almost puked when I saw what was in there!~

A man in a gray hoodie black slacks, and a blue mask stood in front of you. His eye sockets had a disgusting black 'Goop" coming out. But what most disturbing was the fact that he was eating a some type of organ... Raw!

I backed away slowly, eyes wide. He turned and looked at me. (Or did he? Can he even see?)

"You okay?" He said casually, as he put the organ back into the fridge...

"N-no, I- what..." My words were all tangled as the feeling of nausea filled your stomach...

"Need something too eat?" He said reaching into the fridge.

Disgusted by what happened my hunger had subsided, but my own stomach betrayed you and started growling...

He just chuckled and put out an apple. "Catch." He said flatly as he tossed it to me. You catch it and started inspecting it... I little disappointed that it wasn't a cookie...

"Must suck to be you right now... I feel bad for ya..." He said as he leaned back on the counter. I looked up at him.

"Didn't think somebody like you would even feel emotion." I spat back. Wiping the apple off on my shirt.

He faced me and started inspecting me.

"I see why Masky has such a liking too you..." He said. "And just a heads up... I wouldn't act out like you just did to the others... It could end very badly for you..." and with that he walked out into the living room.

What the hell is going on... And why are there only guys here!!

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